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July 13, 2016

Only your emotions and brainwashing can get in the way to make a sound decision – Change is somewhere else and we are wasting our time and energies for chanting to the wrong audience. Lets understand the true reason for our failure …


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Thousands of these innocent people driven by their emotions; willing to die for the change that is promised by their political leaders and has no idea that they are being deceived by the slogan of change. They have gathered to protest against the failure of the current government due to its failed policies, corruption, and it’s inability to keep up with the promises made by the people. The people have no idea that they are living in an illusion. The problem is that the political class has to work within the parameters of the system, and the problem is the “system” itself, whose foundation is based on Riba and monopolization of the currency. Every time a government comes to power – they promised to eradicate poverty, control inflation and give a good life to the people who voted them to power. Unfortunately, every time the people’s living standard declines and they are pushed into more destitution. The question remains obvious, why? What is wrong – why every leader fails the people. Even with all the passion and good intentions they fail all the time.

As the limits of the debate are already established – the politicians will never talk about usury which is the root cause of all the problems – and why the banks can only issue the currency, which in fact should be a free choice of the people.

The political class, regardless of the affiliation, works under the umbrella of central banking, which provides funding and instructions. The politicians’ slogans promoting change has nothing to do with change, but it is a lie they feed the people every time they come to power. The lack of awareness among the people has devoided them of any resistance, and instead, they find themselves in more chaos and anarchy every time they vote for change. The question is how the political process can bring the promised change when they have sold the people for a pound of flesh to the banksters.

The system is driven by RIBA and the monopolization of currency. The government pays billions in interest every year to the banks (the state bank, local banks, World Bank, IMF, or European banks), and we need to ask ourselves where these interest payments come from when only the principal amount was borrowed. This is a question that needs to be asked by the politicians, but obviously, the people’s representatives are lying to the people ever since the illusion of voting has started. The system is stealing from the people, and the government is complacent in this theft. Obviously, the government does not generate funds to pay off the interest payments to the banks – so the interest is passed to the people in the form of taxes, higher commodities prices, inflated property and still if the government couldn’t keep with the payments – they start selling national assets (PIA, Oil & Gas, etc.) for pennies just to keep borrowing more money and eventually the whole country is sold to the banksters for just pieces of paper (we falsely believed to be money) without people realizing it . The main point to understand in this game of gigantic theft is – the banks never risked anything of value in return for the money they claimed from the people of Pakistan in interest. They never send Engineers, Architects, and labours to Pakistan to built these project but merely just print pieces of paper (a medium to steal our labour and production) and we give them every inch of our ownership. In which capacity they claim that they have loaned us money, which is the plain lie, in fact, we have completed all these projects with our own resources. Are we so blind not to see it?

Who benefits this from the system? – the Central Bank only and this is all because they have the monopoly on the money creation (medium of exchange) and charge unwarranted interest/usury/riba.

If the leaders of the country are really sincere with the people, then why have they allowed the banks to steal billions through interest every year from the economy? All this money is generated by the people through their hard work, labour, production, and entrepreneurship skills. If they allow the banks to steal from the people then how can they bring the promised change? It is so obvious that they are not working for the welfare of the people, but for the interest of the banks which are allowed to steal from the people in the shadow of usurping democracy. Every political party will talk about corruption and “Panama leaks”, but none will dare to point their fingers at the banking system and riba, which is solely responsible for the ills of the world.

We have only one way ahead, and this is by denying the central banking system if we really want to prosper and deliver the promises made to the people. I wonder for how long we would continue to lie and remain ignorant of the real issue, which has not only made us penniless and subservient to the capitalist system, but brought us to war with Allah and His Messenger (peace be upon him). There is no excuse for remaining ignorant and conscientiously stupid,

when the government could easily sanction a law to allow the people to issue their own money that could be a promissory obligation under a public body, a gold and silver mint or some other medium of exchange which is independent of the banking system, without any usury precipitating from it. By observing this change, the whole complexion of society would be transformed – poverty and unemployment would be matters of the past. The question is how independent and sovereign are we when, in fact, we cannot demand monetary justice for the people of Pakistan? This is the root cause of all evils that we are facing in our country. It shows the invisible power that is operating behind the scenes, as we have seen in the case against Riba in the supreme court of Pakistan which has been hanging for decades now, without any real conclusion. If the Book of Allah is so serious about Riba and that it is the cause of all our problems, then this non-serious attitude from the court and the politicians doesn’t make any sense.

People are handicapped due to their own ignorance, and this lack of knowledge about the system has made them subservient to the usurious system without building any resistance to it. If the people truly understand that they have been subjected to Riba in every transaction they make in their social and financial lives without even knowing it – I see a great revolution ahead. Riba is the cause of every tax and penny people pay in higher prices which the banking system enforced upon them. This is the level of corruption we are talking about and without understanding the system, it is impossible to make sense of the injustice made to the people and the real reason behind it. The government will continue to lie – as they know who they ought to serve for some reason they will make sure the lies are propagated through media outlets and education.

We know that Allah does not change the condition of the people unless they decide themselves, and they cannot reach a rational decision without an understanding of how the system works? A system which is in direct conflict with the Divine words of God, then it becomes a religious obligation upon every Muslims to understand Riba and how it is manifested through the Banking system. I do not understand why the people would remain guilty of their own demise by not demanding monetary justice for themselves. The politicians will never debate the central banking system in the parliament in which interest or riba is integral. When Allah has declared war against Riba then how it is possible to ignore such a fundamental commandment. The politicians have put constitution above the word of Allah and has avoided to amend it, which has central banking as an irreversible feature in it. They have sold their souls to the devil, for they will never allow Allah’s true words to prevail.

Pakistan can be a truly self-determined and prosperous country if we decide to eradicate central banking and Riba which is the real cause of our miserable state of being. As long as we remain ignorant and hypocrite, as a nation we are guilty of abandoning the true words of God and became nothing but our own worst enemies. The development work the government carries for the people would only make the people go into more falsified debt and as the national debt rises – so does the profit for the banks which in return do not risk even a penny for the benefit of the people. In the end, there will be skyscrapers, motorways, and new developments but no bread for the people to eat and they are forced to work like donkeys to generate the interest payments for the banks. If the government stands for justice then it is a crime to remain silent on this monumental theft which is orchestrated under our noses and for this they will not only answer in the hereafter, but they must answer the people here.

We must demand the government a monetary solution based on the Quranic principles, which will be a true representation of our wealth, labour, production, entrepreneurship and property independent of the Banking system without any riba and exploitation. Alas, if these people realise the truth – they could have been demanding a true monetary and economic justice for the people. While they chant for a new election, in the shadow of democracy – the high tension political drama is an enough distraction for the people to remain ignorant and clueless of the real issues, instead of an idea they focus on personalities who end up serving the same usurious system, and we will continue to complain why things haven’t changed.

April 29, 2016

Why the Muslims are suffering and have been subjected to the worse economic slavery ..


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The reason the Muslims’ minds were unable to pitch an alternative system was mainly due to their subservient state of mind and by not understanding the basics of money and banking. The banking system, driven by riba and the monopolization of money creation, has cleverly managed to elude their minds to have looked at the occult practice of banking in more detail to decode the reality around it. Instead of creating a counterargument, their attention was limited in its very thinking without realizing that a just and moral society cannot be built by ignoring the basic principles necessary for its foundation. Money, as we speak, has never been a monopoly in Muslim marketplaces. People were always free to choose whichever medium they would choose as a token of exchange for their labor and production. They had no compulsion like the banknotes we have today, and this fundamental principle was understood by other civilizations as well. When the money changers started to bank, our learned scholarship found themselves caught in a labyrinth of ignorance and subversion. Therefore, they hardly put any efforts to understand this new way of money creation to have promptly pointed the flaws in the system. Instead, they ignore the very basic and fundamental principle which is the cause of all the evils in the world today. They failed to articulate how the system works and instead endorsed central banking to push the Muslims into perpetual economic slavery. Their vision remained limited in a framework of self-morality as Islam has nothing else to offer.  This mindset has created a subversive society which has accepted the flaws in the system as the divine truth without realizing that it has subverted their faith in the process. If Allah has forbidden Riba and declared war against it, then how are Muslims going to build a society which obeys God’s law, and become role models? The learned minds in Muslim societies failed to develop such faculties to address the question of Riba and to provide an alternate model. Instead, they kept arguing about little things that were nothing but a manifestation of their imagination and a limitation to their thinking. They were divided, and this is how the system survived and kept the Muslims in a paradigm of perpetual economic slavery. They remained unfaithful to their faith and destitution has been their fate ever since.

When the question of Riba came into the equation – the subservient mind has to avoid the question regarding central banking and instead built its flawed argument on its purported foundation. This is how they made Islam subservient to the capitalist system, and this failure to articulate what was divine is the greatest intellectual shortcoming of our learned minds. The whole system has to be eradicated to make this adjustment. Riba has no place in a just society built on sound monetary foundation. Over the course of this book, we have learned that the power to issue money belongs to the people, and riba has no place in human society. We understand the consequence of riba as explained in Mathematically Perfected Economy that, “the only way to perfect an economy of perpetual, terminal multiplication of debt in proportion to the original circulation is to eradicate interest, because to maintain a circulation subject to interest requires perpetually re-borrowing whatever we pay against principal and interest as ever greater sums of debt. Every system involving a currency subject to interest, therefore, imposes a maximum possible lifespan on itself, as ever greater sums of interest on an ever escalating sum of debt eventually impose collapse.” We can clearly see how Riba has destroyed the social, moral, and economic fabric of the west, and still we are clinging to the same system; such esoteric deviation is beyond me. Thus, we have no other option but to eradicate the banking system and the usury associated with it. Only then can we move towards a truly just and moral society. We must revert to the Islam, which provides cure to humanity, that we have lost over the course of history, that guarantees such a society by declaring war against those who deals in Riba and discouraging the monopolization of the currency. Muslims had always practiced Muamalat–with a mosque, there was a public marketplace obeying the same rule as that of the mosque, and people were free to choose their medium of exchange. It is imperative that we look into this model to reclaim our lost glory. The only way to break away from this economic slavery is to understand the basics of money and how Riba is manifested through the banking system and the monopolisation of the currency. The very reason that Pakistan came into being was to show the path for humanity to model an economic system based on a true Islamic concept of equality and social justice envisioned by the Founding Father and give hope to the people around the world chained in an invisible bondage of perpetual economic slavery.

A girl wearing a head scarf is a lifestyle that is not compatible with Western values; somehow, that piece of clothing will send tremors through the West because their way of life is threatened. When it comes to money, Islamic banking does not threaten them in any way. Instead, they are opening their doors to Islamic banking and finance; one would wonder why. They were looking for a partner in crime, and Islamic banking has become the right tool to further the theft of human labor and production—now disguised in Holy clothes. We have already concluded that the banks, regardless of being Muslim or Christian, indulge in the first crime of obfuscating our promissory obligations (money creation) that we have to each other and do not risk anything of value in return. Banking’s foundation is based on this theft of principal from the people, and we still have Islamic banks to misguide the Muslims. The only way for the banking system to survive is to tap more resources and enslave as many people in their domain to continue with their theft of labor and production, and Islamic banking has become the right tool to extend their hegemony of global control and power. Regardless of their claims, they had to work, within the central banking framework, and they didn’t have any other option but to match the conventional banking in the marketplace, only to misguide the Muslims with holy words. “The most important form of finance in Islamic banks is called Murabaha. This is nothing but a hidden form of interest. This sales contract, which is well known in Islamic Law, has been perverted in the hands of the Islamic banks. Murabaha constitutes between 80 and 90 percent of the assets of Islamic banks. We could say that without Murabaha, Islamic Banks would not be able to exist today. Under the label of Murabaha, which is a sale, Islamic Banks portray a means of finance based on a well known forbidden practice known as “two sales in one.” This practice of “two sales in one” is a disguising mechanism which presents usury as if it was profit.”  This was noted by Shaykh Umar Vadillo in his groundbreaking work. Another two cents worth a question arises here: How do the Islamic Banks make a legitimate claim to the principle plus the markup/Murabaha (unearned profit/riba) when, in reality, they did not risk anything of value or gave up commensurable consideration of its own? Their claim on the principle plus the unearned profit (riba) is nothing but a plain theft wrapped in the illusion of faith. I wonder how they can live with such a colossal betrayal of their faith by twisting the truth and embracing the usurious system with religious endorsement. Instead of creating a counterargument, we have shamefully made a fraudulent institution like a bank “Sharia” complaint, which is an unmitigated effort to preserve the banking system. This is totally evil, yet still we tolerate this filth due to our ignorance. The very idea of a bank is an open declaration of war that Allah has issued in the Quran against the usurers. The only way to a perfect economy is to follow the basic principles laid out in the Quran, and it is now obvious that central banking cannot function without riba and the monopolization of currency. Every day, we gather in mosques and ask for peace, blessing, and forgiveness, but we have no idea that we are being cursed every moment of our existence.

O you who believe, fear Allah and give up what remains of your demand for riba, if you are indeed believers. If you do it not, take notice of War from Allah and His Messenger.
~ Quran 2:278-279
March 19, 2016

How economics is thought and how they obfuscate the real issue


Recently, I had the opportunity to attend a course on ‘Monetary Economics’ at Oxford University. My expectation was to learn their approach to the current monetary crisis, but I was very disappointed that they were still teaching the students the same faux economics, based on a flawed foundation, where money comes only from ‘central banks’ and ‘interest’ is taught as an integral part of the system. Their whole argument and subsequent statistical models and complicated mathematical equations were based on this flawed foundation. It wasn’t to give the students a chance to learn all the available models but to channel their vision into a narrower path to make their minds suggestible to what the system wants them to believe – so they cannot critically analyze and ask questions about the true nature of economics and money. If one studies ‘Mathematically Perfected Economy’, it is not difficult to debunk the current mainstream economics by just studying the basics of money and how an economic system subjected to interest will ultimately terminate itself under insoluble debt. The students had no idea, when the interest is not being created, how it is possible to pay the interest obligations, something that is mathematically impossible. Even a second-grade kid can solve the most basic puzzle, which has eluded the great Nobel Prize-winning economists of our time. Obviously, the students could only perceive what the system let into their minds, i.e., half-baked truths and flawed principles; thus, they are not in a position to understand the system and ask real questions. Little do they know that they are strengthening the very system that has led their civilisation to the verge of collapse.

As Einstein once said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.” It is no wonder that the current crop of intellectuals and elite channels of education have failed to deliver a sound solution to the crisis humanity is facing since they are using the same mindset that created the crisis in the first place. In the mainstream educational discourse, no efforts are being made to deliver a solution and address the system’s shortcomings because their existence depends on the same system. I was most likely to fail the exam by asking fundamental questions and insisting on understanding the true nature of economics and money. How rational is it to ignore the basic principles that stand guardian to guarantee a ‘just’ and ‘moral’ society? For centuries, people have understood that money by its nature cannot be used to monopolize a certain medium of exchange to benefit a particular group or institution, and ‘usury’ has no place in a society that stands for morality and social justice. Any society in history that has deviated from these basic principles has seen the dust of time. Obviously, my questions do not fit the current spectrum of lies, where obfuscation of currency and usury are the fundamental pillars of the system.

The system has to invest in the future, to prepare a crop that, when reaped, is mature enough to have not learned the art of critical thinking and to question anything they have been taught at University. They do as they are told, they are the lifeblood of the system, and the supply is plentiful. I have my sympathies with them – they have no idea that they are being programmed with a manipulated perception of reality. Even with all the good intentions and the passion to do well, with flawed methodology and corrupted minds nothing good is going to happen. Their education has become the most powerful tool to perpetuate the system, which, in its very idea, is in conflict with divine principles. What they don’t realize is that they are downloading the system version of everything, by going into falsified debt to pay for their own programming. What a pity – they are the victim of the same system which has manipulated their minds to perceive what they have been told as the only truth. They remain in the same state of being — an illusionary reality which is constantly affirmed by their peers, friend, media and the political class, which are the product of the same system. That is the reason that they have hardly any knowledge of the upcoming monetary collapse — not to mention the cause of it.

They will continue to believe that banks create money; in fact, the banks steal our hard work, labour, sweat, tears and production. They have been indoctrinated enough to live in the prison of their mind, purposely built for them. It is not the eyes that see but the mind — and the mind is already owned by the system. No matter what I told them, they could only see through the lens of the system and continue to live a life of illusion, debt and blatant lies. In the very first lecture, the professor put a cap on their minds by saying “what you need to know, and what I tell you in the lecture”; for the students to succeed, they need to repeat what they have learned to pass the exam, and to avoid a state of cognitive dissonance, they must defend the system which has enslaved them. It is no wonder that when you present the truth that doesn’t match their downloaded reality, they have no other option but to reject it. They will live with a lie forever unless they have the urge to find the truth as their education has made them less susceptible to new ideas and thought process. At the end of the course, the professor sums up the whole idea about the course in his last sentence, “if you want a job in a central bank, you should master these models”.

December 5, 2015

Links to download ‘Labyrinth’ ..

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November 25, 2015

It is like everyone is driven mad by the touch of the devil – and usury is at its core to drive the whole system ….


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When I came back from my holidays, a colleague asked me “How were your holidays?” As I always find my colleagues to be curious whenever I get back, I replied, “It was a bit hectic. I had to travel to attend the funeral of my friend’s father, and then I had to rush back to catch my flight.”

My colleague was somewhat perplexed and confused, and asked “What? You had to travel across the continent just to attend a funeral?”

“I had to,” I replied. “But that doesn’t make any sense at all,” she said.

However, this is part of our tradition. We have to be there among our people in times of sorrow and joy. It was something new for her, and she found it difficult to understand.

We believe in family values; families form the basis of communities and, despite the shortcomings, we still strive to be among our people whether it is a time of sorrow or a time of joy. I haven’t even spoken to my friend in the last couple of years, but that doesn’t mean that the bond has broken. I had just been blinded by the curse of the banking culture.

The culture you have in the West is a “bank’s culture,” a lifestyle driven by usury. To maintain such a lifestyle, you have to evolve unnatural ways to keep it going. What do you mean by the Bank’s culture she asked?

It is all about ‘money’–money for the banksters: the thieves of our modern times. They want more and more–their greed has no limits. For this to be accomplished, people must work day and night to create more and more money so it can be paid in interest to the banksters. It is a system designed to suck every penny from the planet and transfer it to the few among at the top of money power pyramid. It is total evil, isn’t it?

This is why you had to work among strangers just to survive in this economic doom. Do you think it is human to dump your two-year-old baby in the nursery into a stranger’s hand and expect the same level of empathy as you have? Do you think, from any rational or moral point of view, it is even close to being correct? You are brainwashed to believe that the state can take a parenting role. They just want you to work, work and work to confiscate your earning via taxation in order to pay off the bankers with interest. You see, it is not about your interest but interest to the banks.

You need to think — understand and see beyond this deception. It is better to polish your mind rather than your skin. You are in a trance — a state of mind that has ceased to think and question critically.  There are no people dumber than than those who loan their thinking to the system. Why is family life suffering — why is the whole social order broken here? You people spend more time with strangers than among your family members. Cultivating family values and building communities are serious jobs.

She was listening to me anxiously, but she still couldn’t make sense of what I was talking about.

It has been two weeks now; hundreds of people visited my friend’s house to offer their condolences, and the community is taking care of everything for him. Close relatives will spend a few days with him so that he can feel loved. Why are we still able to maintain these biblical values — because we are less influenced by the banks!

We own our houses and most of our business, so we don’t have to pay the banks the preposterous interest that you people pay. From a needle to a house mortgage, you don’t have any option but to buy on interest. The reason you are stuck in this slavery is because you don’t understand ‘money,’ ‘banking,’ and ‘usury,’ the devil’s triangle. Why would you pay the price of three houses for just one house? Does it make sense? It means you have to work all your life just to pay the banks the interest, and all that for just one transaction. Do you see a problem here? Is there any justification for it in a just and moral society? The game is rigged, and you are being forced to play this game to live a life of servitude. The problem is, you don’t even think!”

I could see the helpless smile on her face, maybe she was starting to think.

“What choices do we have? Sorry, but we can’t do much.” A typical response, and one I was expecting.

“You can at least educate yourself to understand what is the real cause of why your life is driven in this way, and why you have been put under such pressure to live an ordinary life of an unfulfillable nature. Like others, you were born into bondage; and the only life you can perceive is the life you are having now, without even realizing that you have become a slave. You need to wake up so your children can have a better life, not being enslaved by the system. The new generation has no capacity to even remotely make sense of how they have been brainwashed and brought into this bondage without their consent.

Just look at the family album and see how good a life your great-grandparents had—only one person used to work to feed the whole family. Look at their dress code and family values. They were passed from one generation to another until we became modern and scrapped everything valuable altogether. Modern doesn’t mean it is rational or good for people. The money changers knew—if they wanted to tax everyone in the society, including women—that they must create an illusion of something great that is nothing more than a lie. To create such a brainwashed society, they had to push ideas that must filter down through education and media so it could take roots in the society. You have taken God away from every equation in your life. That is why you see the feminist revolution, which has created exactly that illusion. It has destroyed the marriage institution and made everyone a taxable commodity so the few banksters at the top can benefit.  You don’t see it because you don’t own your mind. You have been enslaved by the system! You must live by the banker’s code. You have no choice!

I made her think of looking at things from a different perspective.

So now you had to work and make your child become dumb in the nursery, allowing the state to become the parent and indoctrinate your baby from a very early age. Now the system drives your minds to keep the illusion going. A woman’s role is to either remain a girl or become a girlfriend, not a wife who could raise a family; the relationships that exist between these two paradigms have almost vanished. Those once beautiful and respectful relationships with the grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, nephews, and nieces, that were seen at all times in the home and that children used to learn from, have now become a novelty. A child is raised, deprived of all the intrinsic schools that create a balance of social order in a child’s life. The aged are sent to senior homes as they can’t be taxed anymore and are of no use to the system. The children are sent to the nurseries and the adults work for the banks, lost in a drunken lifestyle that never lets them think and ponder; where do you end up? You are doomed as a society, and you cannot stand against the system that controls every aspect of your life.”

She found it fascinating so far, I guessed.

“I observed that while the whole society has been transformed over the years to accept certain ways of thinking that reflect how the system wants you to behave and think, the people are generally good, but the culture and traditions have changed. People are being forced into this perpetual slavery that you have been subjugated to embrace. The discipline you see around you is merely to enforce the money changers’ vision, so the slaves are kept in check and continue working in a relatively good environment with a few fancy nuggets to keep them entertained. You are living a life of illusion so that the privileged few can make a profit from your hard work. When is the last time you made a connection with nature and your soul?” I asked.

The question is “What is the real factor here'” and “How were the money changers able to accomplish all this nonsense and lies?” Here’s the truth:

The system obfuscates our PROMISSORY OBLIGATIONS that we have to each other. In other words, banks are the only authority that can issue money and which represents our hard work, and through USURY they steal our wealth and energy. This is how they have achieved their goal of bringing the whole of humanity under involuntary servitude. This is the greatest secret hidden from the public, not being discussed anywhere. The least you can do is to understand the real reason behind this madness.

The power to issue money must belong to the people, and there is no place for usury in any just and moral society.

“What do you mean by that?” she asked.

You are the one who creates money in an economy through your hard work, sweat, labour, tears, and production, and you must have the power to exchange that with another person for a fair and equal value through your own medium of choice. The problem is that, to exchange your work, the medium of exchange has to be the bank notes, as it is the only legal tender because the banks have the authority to monetize our money, which is merely a further representation of your hard work and nothing else. The bank does not risk anything of value; it just keeps a log of our transactions and still makes a claim on our money, and we falsely believe that the bank has lent us money. We create money, not the banks, and this is something that is least understood.

I continued…

“You become a slave to the banks because you cannot exchange the fair value of your hard work and labour with other people. The banks own the power to publish our money, and it means they make a claim on all that we do. We the people give value to money through our hard work, labour, sweat, tears, and production, but it is owed back to them as we use their bank notes. This means our hard work is created as falsified debt. The evil thing is they charge interest on the money that we create, and that has never been the bank’s to start with. The funny part is the unwarranted interest that they charge is never issued in circulation in the first place. So the question is how do we pay interest? It is mathematically impossible. It is simple kindergarten maths: when there is not enough money in the system, less money is circulated in the economy and people start to lose their homes, businesses, farms, and other tangible assets to the banks. The system will create such an environment where few people will benefit at the expense of many. That is not all; the debt keeps on compounding and over a period of time, it becomes impossible to pay the interest, and the whole system collapses under insoluble debt.

This is the state in which the whole society is driven mad by the touch of the devil – usury in its very core never lets the people escape the LABYRINTH. While watching TV every evening, being fed with lies and more lies, do you think you have any time to think and ponder?

You may now connect the dots and fit yourself into the story. You will surely wake up to startling revelations. The reason the cost of living is getting higher day by day is because of interest (usury) that is charged on every transaction that takes place. Since the interest is never created, that burden is then passed on to people, like you and me, who are forced to pay extra money for everything we buy. The government will come with austerity measures by increasing prices of good and services while people are forced to work longer to combat high inflation. Inflation, which is a hidden tax imposed upon you, is stealing your wealth and energy every second, as we speak. If you decide not to work, then it means you are giving up on your lifestyle; you may lose your house — and everyone needs a shelter — since you can’t pay a mortgage to the banks. Can you see the trap?

You are scared; the system breeds fear so it can keep you entrapped.

Why did your friend lose his house to the banks? It is not because he didn’t want to work but because there was less money in the system, and in this system, some will lose all of their belongings to the banks. Can you now see why you are enslaved?

Did I leave her thinking for a while? She was surprised.

The thing you may want to understand is usury, which is like a time bomb in the economic system that is self-destructive. It is sucking up our wealth and energy and transferring them to the few people at the top who own the system. It is only a matter of time until the whole system collapses. The reason we can’t escape usury is because the banks issue our promissory obligations that we have to each other. The whole system is at war with nature. It cannot be sustained; it has to explode, and the people will suffer badly in the coming years. You are going against the divine order when nature presses the reset button; it is going to be very painful.

“Where do we go from here?” she questioned.

It is a man-made system which can be undone as well, but the question is at what cost?  It is in its terminal stage. I am afraid it will invite more wars, poverty, social unrest, and economic hardships for the people which may then culminate in a big war. This is exactly what is happening now, and I just shared with you the reason behind all of this. We are our own worst enemies. The aliens don’t need to destroy us. We can do better. I am not bringing any theology, eschatology or complex financial terms to make a point.

Imagine a world without hunger, poverty, and wars. Image a world without banks and usury.

“Well, that was something new,” she said. I might leave now.

I know you are late for your X-Factor audition, but hopefully some of the concepts will stay with you and make you ponder. She smiled and left the conversation.

November 6, 2015

The greatest bubble of all – the falsified debt bubble …



The modern-day economy has to grow constantly because of the exponential money system that explicitly enforces a paradigm of continuous growth and implicitly assumes that the future is much larger and brighter than the present. In the process, this growth requires energy, and in pursuit of this madness, the human has highly hydrated every resource in its capacity. Our economy must grow to support this money system, and the energy, which can’t grow infinitely as the natural world is quickly depleted, is putting the whole system on the verge of the greatest collapse of civilization ever known to man. Any mind with a grain of intellect will mostly likely ask what is making this pursuit of crazy growth inevitable and why we can’t just settle for enough to be prosperous and happy. The very heart of the system that is driving this whole madness that we see around is the ‘usury’ or riba (interest). Every penny that is brought back in circulation is borrowed back with interest that keeps compounding each time to create a debt bubble. It is the greatest bubble of all: the falsified debt bubble.

 Money is created from falsified debt in today’s banking system with interest to be paid on it. When the money comes into circulation as debt, we can easily understand that over a period of time, interest will inherently multiply this debt until we end up having a sum of insoluble debt that the circulation can no longer afford to service. This constant terminal multiplication of debt in proportion to the original circulation by usury is pushing the system to its inevitable terminal collapse. No one asks the mainstream why there has to be infinite economic growth all the time on a finite planet—this is simply not possible. The resources that have been depleted from the planet are fast approaching their terminal end, and when the money changers can’t expand their kingdom, it collapses. They have to wage wars to re-inflate the economy so they can continue with their theft by conquering other countries’ resources and banking systems to survive. This is the only way for them, and that is exactly what is happening as we speak. How long can the system linger? No one can predict that, but when it fails, it will be a fall of epic proportion never seen before in the history of humankind.

 The future that is quickly approaching is not going to be pleasant at all. We have massive changes upon us that will totally change the landscape of the world that we know of now. Hell will unfold – and the pain and agony are beyond anyone’s comprehension. The whole system is against the order of nature and nature has to call. When you understand the system, you realize that the whole system is in its self-destructive mode. Being a street photographer, I can see the cracks in the streets are already happening, though there is still some juice left in the system to keep the people delusional. The people will only to blame their ignorance for the destruction they are heading towards. When the bubble bursts – the wealth will be transferred (stolen) from the bottom to the top few morons, who make the rules for the game. With nothing or little left – hyperinflation will force the resources out of reach of the people, and the money has to find commodities/assets to escape that hyperinflation and this scarcity will bring chaos and anarchy on the streets. This will be one frightening episode! How did they manage to run such a gigantic theft so successfully for so long? They own the system – so they make the rules. The enslaved people have been brainwashed to such an extent that they had to reference the system for anything and everything they believe and follow. We are moving toward a “Hunger Game” society; in fact, we are living one at this very moment. We have to take control and engage with thinking minds, who can guide the human race toward its true destiny of freedom.

September 17, 2015

The story of an invisible theft – The story of your bank account …..


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I was waiting for the Bank manager to open my bank account, and while I was waiting for the form to be processed, with time in our hands, the manager asked me what I did. Normally, that is how they try to sound like friendly professionals. I tend to be myself mostly, but he seemed to be a nice and jolly person to have a good conversation. My qualification was enough to get the conversation going, and along the way, he asked me what else I did for leisure? This questions brought a whole new topic in the fold.

‘I shoot people and tag them with a story – a story about how the SYSTEM has enslaved them. Blame their incapacity to step beyond the LABYRINTH and to remain clueless for being unaware of the reality. I then walk away with my story’.

His face was confused – little he understood and asked what I meant by all this. ‘You seem to be a nice guy; why would you shoot people in the first place’ he said with an uncomfortable voice.

With my expressionless face I insisted that is what I do in my spare time. Before making him totally clueless, I said ‘Technically this is what I do but more in a photographic way’; I do it with a camera, I said with a smile. I am a modern-day, celebrated street photographer. He was relieved and fascinated, and that got the conversation going.

Before I signed the documents, he asked me what that ‘system’ was all about. I didn’t want to make him uncomfortable, but I had to explain it to him; in the meantime, he ordered tea and samosas – the best in the city.

I am trying to understand ‘USURY/RIBA’ and to make sense of this monstrous evil in our society; I have learned that we must understand ‘money’ and ‘banks’. The word bank readily caught his attention.

By now, we were feeling comfortable in each other’s company, so it was easy to make the first dent in his thought process.

Banks are at the epicenter of all evil. Before the devil left the earth – he gave us the Banks. They are the thieves of modern times who steal commercial energy, hard labour, production, sweat, and tears from the people in front of our eyes, yet we don’t see it. They counterfeit our IOUs; they are the thieves – monopolists – psychopaths who have the power to issue money. That makes them earthly gods – a tiny minority that rules humanity.

My first few statements were like a revelation to him. ‘Banks are the modern way to make the economy progress,’ he said in a tentative voice. Let me explain in a more simple way. If you study “Mathematically Perfected Economy” –

The banks do not create money – we do. They do not risk anything of value to claim the money that WE create. It is all plain theft.

How do they do it? The bank obfuscates our promissory notes and pretends that they have loaned us the money. They launder those promissory obligations that we have to each other in their possession. The promissory obligations (money) or the banknotes represent the value of our hard work, labour, production sweat and tears. They steal our labour through these banknotes (which we call money) because the power to issue a promissory note (Freedom to choose money as a medium of exchange) is taken away from the people, which has made this theft possible. The bank is nothing more than a bookkeeping entity to record our transactions. The people create the money – it is this fundamental point that need to be understood, and all the banks are involved in this theft – the power to issue a promissory obligation (banknote) must belong to the people, and they are free to choose whatever medium they want to use as token to represent their labour and hard work- and that is called Money.

I could see he was a bit uneasy with my claims. His other colleague, sitting on the nearby desk, moved towards us to listen to the fascinating ideas I was sharing. The theft does not end here! The worst and most sinful part is that “the banks steal a further sum of principle by charging unwarranted  ‘usury/riba’, or interest, on what is a falsified debt only if the bank gave up or risked anything of value to the ‘alleged loan’ or debt that it falsified to itself”.

Not only do they make a claim on your principal (the money you created with your hard labour), but they also charge unwarranted interest on top of it, which is pure evil. The funny thing is that interest is never issued into circulation.

To pay the principal plus interest (which becomes the new principle every time and keeps compounding) to the banks, you have to borrow more from the banks, and this irreversible multiplication of artificial debt by usury becomes impossible to pay down over a period of time. Usury/riba consumes more of the money to service the artificial debt and less is available to service the commerce and industry.

As a result of these two monstrous evils, “unwarranted taxation or extortion is therefore imposed, where an even further sum of principle is stolen, paid directly to the banksters to merely service (not pay down) an irreversible multiplication of artificial debt or national debt that is impossible to pay down.”

So what happens then? People start to lose their homes, businesses, and farms because the interest amount is never created, so anyone who is weak in the chain will lose his hard earned assets to the banks. Due to the scarcity of money – survival becomes the name of the game. So it means not only do you have to work, but your wife as well to keep up with inflation, as your money will buy less and less. This destructive nature of usury/riba brings unnatural competition which forces the people to consume the last remaining tree in the jungle or catch the last remaining fish in the sea to pay off their falsified debt. This constant battle to make more money has created a sick society, where fear and greed drives the human society. The poor will permanently remain poor, and the rich will become permanently rich. Not only people but countries who are indebted falsely give up their resources and are pushed to privatised their only resources making way for these zombie parasitics (banks & corporations) to steal and suck the last remaining drop of blood through the SYSTEM that was designed to rip off mankind.

In front of our eyes, the greatest heist of all time against humanity is taking place, and still we can’t see it!

He was anxiously listening to me and suddenly came up with an escape plan.

However, we do Islamic banking; that might be the reason you are here. We do ‘just’ banking. I took a sip of the tea – smiled and said, “Do you think Islamic banking is any different from conventional banking?” Apply these three concepts to it and you will find it is even double haram (forbidden). You are indulging in a worst of crimes because you are making usury/riba halal (legal) in the name of Allah. What worse sin can anyone commit when you make something halal (legal) that Allah has made haram (illegal). What face will you take to Allah in the hereafter? Have you ever thought about it?

I took him by surprise – he was quick to share some fatwas (degree) that Islamic banking was halal (legal). My friend uses your brain and common sense. Being ignorant is not a reason to indulge in evil. You must understand these fatwas are for sale. You must decide and use your cognitive skills to question this dogma of Islamic banking. It is still a bank – so it steals our promissory obligations the same as conventional banks and forces us to use the banknotes by associating religion to this fraud. They have unearned income by disguising usury for rent and other Islamic financial tools that are a total fraud. In the end, you have to ask yourself – what the Islamic bank ‘gave up or risked anything equal in exchange for your promise’. They don’t risk anything and steal just like the conventional banks our promissory obligations – the power to issue our money.

In my view – no one has betrayed Islam more than those who persists on Islamic banking, which has disguised the greatest social sin of Riba and presented it as halal. They exploit the people through faith. These “Islamic banks are the most effective tools to fool the Muslims on Fraudulent compliance to Islam”. Nothing has changed; only their assets are increasing day by day – did you ever questioned, from where the bank own these billions in the form of hard assets. What they have done – did they build all these houses and business that they now own?

The computer screen that you are staring now – which shows the balance of my account. All you have done is to make a book entry to keep a log of my money. Your keystrokes do not create money – It is my sweat and hard labour that created that money. Just because I don’t have the freedom to choose my own medium to exchange my labour – I had to come to you to keep a log, but in return, you not only claim that the money that shows up on your screen belongs to you, but you also charge interest on it. What a shame – it is total evil, and you call yourself an Islamic bank.

I realized I was giving him a lot to think about, but he wasn’t ready to accept his position. I felt like I was insulting him, but then the insult that they have given to the people on the name of religion is far too great. The theft that he is not even aware of.

So where do we go from here – he asked?

Let’s keep this for another day. I will invite you to dinner, and we can talk about the solution. “Is there any solution at all?” he asked.

“We are the solution!” I replied. What they have taken from the people, we restore back to people. By that, I mean restoring the power to issue money and abandoning usury altogether.  The people will manage whatever medium they wish to use for money; no political entity or individual should have this monopoly. This is the true path to freedom.

There are people who are working on an alternative system. For centuries,  Muslims managed their economy through Muamalat, a detailed economic model. We have people working on a mathematically perfected economy who are also working towards the freedom of the human species. The goal is the same: to give the people the freedom to choose their own money and eradicate usury from the planet. There are other people who are also bringing their brainpower to this important issue of our times. The goal is the same: to liberate the human soul from this perceptual economic slavery and injustice. I welcome all, and we should march together to share our destiny.

One thing that is quite important to understand is, of all the countries and people in the world, in my view, only Pakistan has the capacity to bring about this change. This has to be done on a macro level. The environment is feasible for such a transition. Perhaps we can do this in the KPK province and bring the local villages into this project, as the banks have little influence on them. They not only demand freedom, but they are also the only ones who can defend their freedom as well if they understand the true meaning of freedom.

This is everything in a nutshell.

Before leaving – He sarcastically in his slow, tentative voice said – Do you still want the account – I mean the Bank account – like I to steal your hard labour?

I laughed – Yes, please. I do.

I don’t have a choice, do I?


August 23, 2015

The story of a lost soul – who lived a blatant lie only to discover that he has always been a slave to the SYSTEM ..



His head is down; his body has given up, and his soul is lost. Thinking deeply, emotionally drained, in a moment of an agony and loneliness, he asked himself, “Was it worth it?” He gave his whole life to the SYSTEM to be productive and to make his job count. In the end, for all his labour, blood, sweat and tears, his life was a hoax. He owns nothing; he began in falsified debt and lived a life of a debt slave, and now his body has given up being productive, he is now hardly of any use to the system. He has always been running to survive and in the little time that he had to think over the course of all these years that he was being played; he remained confused and clueless. In reality, he is a slave who has passed his optimal productivity, so he must be replaced now. He is left with a mobility aid and an old house with none of his family around. It is a countdown to his expiry, and he is not even worth a penny anymore. Little did he understand.

At one time, he was young, energetic and ready to achieve the American dream, but over a period in pursuit of his dream, he was lost in the shadow of its illusion. He never understood that his freedom was compromised, and he is chasing a false dream. He thought he has to work, work and consumed, a lifestyle of falsified debt that everyone else is living. He became part of the herd, which has no minds of its own, and he just followed sign after sign – till he found himself in a narrow tunnel with no way out. He was used until it was too late for him to understand his reality. The system played him well; he remained in a web of lies until his energy and blood were sucked to the very last drop. Life has been unfairly cruel to him, despite the fact that he always believed in change through the political process.

He now understands that the evil which forced him to end homeless on the street is ‘USURY’. It is the tool that the banks used to steal the ownership of real wealth from the people and other countries. They charge interest on the principal amount that is purportedly loan to the people without risking anything of value. The interest is never created – so it is mathematically impossible to pay down. It makes sense now why he has to lose his house. It is he who creates money through his hard work, labour, sweat, toil and production. All his life – that what he was doing for the banks only. Now he can see the gigantic fraud played upon humanity – a system that is meant to rip off mankind of every penny. He is nothing but a slave who is at the mercy of these zombie blood sucking parasites. He is ashamed that he lived an honest life enslaved to a SYSTEM, which is bogus and fraudulent. All he had done his whole life is what his job manual tells him to do. He lived by the banksters’ code. It was a lie; it was a trap. It has never been about the interest of the people but the INTEREST to the banks.

July 26, 2015

This is a very painful truth that mostly students from Universities are brainwashed and devoid of any critical thought. They just end up being a puppets of the SYSTEM …

06june2015_Oxford_london (295 of 887)
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 According to the latest research, a typical University student pays up to 50,000£ in debt. Some may even not able to pay it back in their lifetime, others remain in this debt into their fifties. These students dancing at their graduation ceremony have no idea that they have been given an illusion of freedom on the path to slavery. For the rest of their lives, worries about their debt will always linger with them. They will indulge in a lifestyle that will push them to acquire more debt, a debt that they will carry to their graves. They have no idea that they have given up their freedom and to survive they must compete, even if they had to cut the last tree in the forest. They already lost the creative mind to the indoctrination system, which could have help them to understand the deception around them. The reason they will be forever enslaved under the burden of perpetual falsified debt is USURY but their driving inspiration is to find ways of serving the system to serve it better in the hopes of climbing a few ladders to an easy life. They are devoid of any capacity to question critically the way the system works; they will live their lives with no or little understanding of how this usurious system is sucking every drop of their blood. In the shadow of a lost dream, they will live a blatant illusion of life.


Those students who receive scholarships are indoctrinated enough to go back to their countries and defend the system that has cursed all of mankind. To them, their culture, moral code and religion have become forbidden fruit. They will look at the problems through the lens that the system has fitted to their brains, and they will end up only whining. They have no idea that they are being programmed to follow the instructions that are engraved on their minds. They are expected to come with an original thought and give a solution to the present day problems. But the system has to invest in them, whether through education, media or any other source to divert their attention from the system and focus them on the symptoms and not the cause. So no one can question how everything holds together, nor how everyone on the planet is being enslaved by the usurious system. They could never make their head around on the fact that the system they envision a saviour to humanity is the very reason the human race is collapsing. Lost in the Labyrinth, these learned minds represent the colossal failure of the modern day education system.


The point of this photograph is to show how the SYSTEM is being used here. This is a three-dimensional photograph perfectly demonstrating how the system has become part of our lives. The photographer represents the system, which has drawn potential students into a LABYRINTH (the camera), where they will remain enslaved. They exist in a fake virtual reality, an invisible prison purposely built for them. They will be processed and developed by the system to its advantage. They only see what the system lets them believe. They have become the property of the system. When they are ready, they will join the labor force to become part of a brainwashed society, making them no more than “sheeple,” built to serve the system, and the cycle continues. The system’s survival is dependent on how well it is being served. And these mechanically altered minds, with their impressive qualifications, may not be able to make sense, throughout their lives, that they lived by the bankster’s code. They have no option but to live in their fake constructed reality otherwise truth will destroy them.
July 12, 2015

This is how Banks work in deception. The time has come we understand how the whole fraud catch together to make the people fool and enslaved them in the Labyrinth ..


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If these people actually realized the truth about how the banks work instead of singing joyfully, they would be protesting and starting a revolution against them, the most sinful places on Earth. Banks have given an umbrella to the usurious system, which has crushed our souls, trapped our minds, and enslaved our planet by obfuscating the promissory obligations (money) that we have to each other and then charging interest on it. The banks hold the key to being the only authority to issue money, thus giving them the unparalleled power to become a worldly god and create the world that they want to subjugate for their own gains. The power to issue money has to be restored back to the people as they are the real creators of money in the economy. They must have the choice of issuing their own promissory obligations (money) or mediums of exchange with mutual consent. The people are brainwashed to such an extent that no one sees the bank’s first crime against humanity. The banks purport to make loans by making the borrowers believe they are getting someone else’s deposit in exchange for the risk of the bank charging interest. Banks have never loaned anything to anyone: banks merely publish our promissory note or promise to pay; it is this monetised promissory note that creates the credit in the purported borrower’s account. In other words, WE create the money, and they are nothing more than a bookkeeping entity, but what banking does is steal the money WE create on conception to pretend it was theirs to begin with. However, banks obfuscate the transaction and launder the promissory note into their possession; that is, they keep the principal repayments and charge unwarranted interest. The people do not have the right to issue unexploited promissory obligations, and everybody is paying interest regardless of if they are paying a mortgage or an alleged debt. Contrary to what we’re taught in schools, the banks give up nothing of commensurable consideration when making a purported loan; the interest they charge is wholly unwarranted. This is the greatest heist in the history of mankind.


In fact, they do not contribute or risk anything of value to the economy when they pretend to loan money. They prey on the hard work and labour of the people who, by immense indoctrination, think that it is the banks who create money, and because of their credit, the economy can function; otherwise the economy could not have existed. The fact is, it is the people who give value to the money through their hard work, production, labour, blood, sweat, and tears. The banks then steal what the money represents: the value of our hard-earned labour and promissory obligations through falsified debt and usury. The theft does not end here—the banks then charge unwarranted interest on the purported loan that was never circulated in the first place. That means there will always be less money in the system to entertain the bank loan (principle + interest), and that will result in someone defaulting on their loans and false obligations to the banks. People will lose their homes, businesses, farms, and valuable assets while the government will be forced to put more taxes and austerity measures onto the people to pay back the interest. The world will be pushed into more wars—either the world power will be forced by usury to control the resources and banking systems of other countries to pay their debts to the banks, or their own sole power to control the medium of exchange is being threatened by other countries. Therefore, the economy must grow, even if it means invading other countries to pay off the debt that they have to the banks, and we wonder why the world has gone mad. The very core of these crimes is the power of the banks to issue money (pieces of paper that represent our hard work and labour) and control this medium of exchange. This has kept the human race in perpetual slavery and poverty. The power to issue money must be restored back to the people so that we can claim the freedom that we were born with.


The truth is, we don’t owe a debt to the banks; in fact, they had nothing to give us in the first place. It is a deception and a lie that we owe a debt to the banks. Through falsified debt (theft of principle), usury, and perpetual compounding of interest on falsified debt, they not only control people but the world economies through the central banking cartel. They control the money supply, and this is how they twist economies and financial markets to their advantage. With the power to charge unwarranted interest and engage in theft of principle, they can buy any politician or economy to further their agenda, even if the government must wage war. Unless the world’s people realise that they are not indebted to the banks, and it is merely an illusion and a lie that we owe the banks, these invisible, Satanic forces will continue to prey on us and suck the last remaining drop of our blood. The political discourse is an equal partner in this crime—one may ask why the government doesn’t issue its own money without interest for public benefits with equal amounts of work being done in the economy. This is not to accept this as a solution but to merely prove that the banking system exists by a mutual understanding between them, and that is why it is never discussed in the political discourse and no law can be passed against them, so the banks can continue with their gigantic theft, and the people can remain ignorant of the real issue that is affecting every aspect of their lives. The reason that everyone must work in an interest-based economy is because they always have less to survive on, and this scarcity of money makes the whole household work for the banks as they are merely slaves who must pay their master its unearned money for a lifestyle that is nothing but a lie. A few generations back, only one person would work and provide food for the whole family, and now everyone works, including household women, but still, everyone survives from paycheck to paycheck. It is only going to get worse in the near future. To counter usury, the freedom to issue money must be restored back to the people—only then will we march towards a just and peaceful society. There are alternatives with which to replace this system of usury, and we must stand united to counter this system in a mutual and coherent way by walking together as humans.

July 12, 2015

It is a story of how the system has made the third world countries enslaved in a perpetual falsified debt and usury …


29july2014_idps (819 of 1906)



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To understand the SYSTEM is the responsibility of our religious and intellectual scholarship. However, they have always been busy arguing on peanuts, whereas the modern liberal mindset is too impressed from the western schools to have given a reasonable thought, how the system works. There has never been a counter strategy to address modern-day challenges. The education syllabus lacks any focus on the shortcomings of the system, thus ensuring the system keeps us enslaved. Those who lead us are nothing but puppets, who do not speak the language of people but their masters. Why has poverty become our destiny? Have the people stopped working in Pakistan? What has made the people live such a low standard of life? Those within the system will blame the shortcomings in the people while those who look at the system through the veil of indoctrination KNOW – that it is the very system that is the problem. It is the usurious structure and tyrannical nature of the system that trap the third world countries in a perpetual falsified debt, getting purported “loans” through governments. In the process, the purported borrower gives many times more than the principal amount initially “ loaned” over a period of time. This is the greatest wealth transfer ever happened in the history of mankind, and still we wonder, why the world has gone mad!

But wait did I tell you, that the “loaned” money in the name of the poor people of Pakistan never existed in the first place. This has always been the moneychangers and the governments who prey on the hard work of people. It is the people who create the real economic activity and thus the original creator of the money in an economy. The tyranny is, the power to issue money has been taken away from the people, and they had to go through the governments and megabanks to use their bogus pieces of paper as legal tender. Do you realize that the cost to the Banks is just a few pieces of papers and ink! Then they not only claim the principle amount but interest as well. Only principle is ever issued into circulation so HOW do we pay interest? Which is never created in the first place. Mathematically Perfected Economy shows us that an interest-bearing monetary system inherently and IRREVERSIBLY multiplies debt in proportion to a circulation. Thus ever more of the circulation is inherently dedicated to servicing debt versus sustaining the commerce which is obliged to service the debt; and so an interest-bearing monetary system ultimately collapses at a maximum practical lifespan, under a TERMINAL sum of debt. The fact is they prey on the hard work and labour of the people by obfuscating money giving the illusion that they (World Bank, IMF or Gov) are funding the economic activity. The plan is not only to control the people but to steal the resources of the people through the system that was meant to rip off mankind. I hope, people start to think and question the grave nature of injustice around us. Once you realized that it was ALL falsified debt and that WE THE PEOPLE create EVERY penny in existence when we issue the promissory obligation than you can understand the real nature of this deception. The people that want to bring change through the political process without understanding that the political class is driven by the same forces of usury and their slogan of change is nothing but a lie.

When the poor people of the rich countries like Pakistan (we own the real resources) unable to keep with the falsified debt payments, then the government (part of the same system) borrow more money, why? Because to pay off the compounding interest which was never issued above principle in the first place – so it is mathematically impossible to pay down the national debt. Now the government has to sell and privatised the national resources, so they can keep up with debt payments – which is still not possible and the cycle of tyranny continues till we gave every inch of our ownership to these few greedy banks. The poor people are then subjected to more austerity by imposing taxes and raising prices of general consumable goods and services. We blame the government for the taxes and austerity measures, but it is the usurious nature of the system that brings the tyranny on the people. The colossal fraud and tyranny of this system do not end here. They have the unfair advantage of claiming ownership of every “legal tender” on the planet and hence CLAIMING ownership of every “debt” on the planet also when they have LAWFUL right to NONE OF IT for they give no commensurable consideration when they supposedly “lend” money into existence. It is the tyrannical nature of this unjust system that has made them the masters, and we remain slaves, not because they are more intelligent or more hardworking but because they own the system. If we are lazy for ourselves, at least we must think for our children what kind of world we supposedly want to give them. We must suffer and in our miseries we shall realize that to escape the Labyrinth, we must understand the obfuscation of the currency. ONLY then we will understand the SYSTEM.

July 4, 2015

For me street photography has been a revelation; it has inspired me to connect with people on the streets and given me an opportunity to understand myself better.


23Nov2014_pesh_qisakhuwani (66 of 165)

“It is a branch of realistic fine-art photography that records unposed scenes in public places. The primary subject is people, at rest or in motion, alone or with others, going about the everyday activities of life. The emphasis is not on the subject’s personal identity, as in portraiture. And unlike photojournalism, there is no news here, rather, the commonplace.”

Alex Webb, a master of the form, defines street photography as follows:

“I don’t define street photography as simply photographs taken in the street. I see street photography more as a stance that a photographer has towards the world. For me, street photography comes out of an essential sense of curiosity on the part of the photographer. It involves above all exploration and discovery. A street photographer goes out into the world as much as possible with a blank mind, with as few preconceptions as possible. It is above all a journey of discovery.”

For me street photography has been a revelation; it has inspired me to connect with people on the streets and given me an opportunity to understand myself better. I have the blessing and luxury of connecting with people’s souls and touching their emotional selves. I can feel my subjects and every photograph that I take has become an experience for me. I am less aware of my camera settings; getting lost in the technical details is an obstacle to my creative process. My photographs are about how I live to document the street. Camera features are secondary tools that would only concern me if I were to become consciously aware of the camera settings.

I try to keep my pictures as organic and natural as possible without interrupting the subject. I don’t subscribe to the idea of invading people’s space and flashing a camera on their faces. Observing my subject from a moral distance and and keeping to it has given me a style that amalgamates different layers of meaning into a single photograph in order to tell a bigger story. I think photography is a simple process. All you need to do is click the shutter and give yourself the gift of time. This allows you to explore all other faculties of photography with time. Most people involve themselves early on in so many unnecessary details in photography that a newbie often gives up, thinking it is too difficult to learn. In the end it is the purpose, the underlying thought process that will drive your photography and influence the viewer. Your passion and commitment will take you through different layers in photography, and then one day, you will realize that a creative process is something beyond what the five senses can see and understand.

If you are serious about photography, you need to be serious about learning. There are a lot of online resources available and you can make use of them in your time. You just need to keep on clicking and learn along the way by investing your time and money into becoming a good storyteller. And if you get an opportunity to learn from the Masters, it’s time to walk the walk and follow their path. Photography is an identity that will add more to your image, and when you start to experience that change in valuing yourself, you will get more attention and credibility from being a photographer. When you understand the power of a photograph than you will fall in love with your own photography


The first causality of the SYSTEM is the common man on the streets and street photography has given me this immense opportunity to see what is coming ahead before the system starts to break down.

~ zackeology

July 4, 2015

The question is, can a photograph elevate you to such a higher level of consciousness? This depends on how deep you look at a photograph.


13Mar2015_pesh_railway (109 of 154)


For centuries, people have tried to attain a higher level of consciousness and to break away from the five-sense prison. Some people have realized that if they perform Zikr or fasting in a certain way, they can make a break from the world that they consciously experience. This has been a common practice in different Sufi orders. In the Sufi practice of Qawali music, getting into rhythm stimulates the right brain activity to such a level that it escapes the five-sense reality. It’s a “wajd” experience, and the idea is to connect with the spiritual world. The question is, can a photograph elevate you to such a higher level of consciousness? This depends on how deep you look at a photograph.

When I took this photo, I didn’t know that it would shatter me many times over before I could begin to understand it. The more I look at it, the more emotional I get. In my solitude, I start to cry. I feel like a lost soul. I have nowhere to go, I am devastated by what has happened to the city that I loved. The abandoned tree in the picture had lost spring in the autumn; the innocent boys killed in school have disappeared, as leaves do, for heaven. Why is the man running toward the train, why is the train leaving so early. The empty skies feel as though GOD Himself is annoyed. What should I do, where do I go, I don’t know? I am left alone in an abandoned city, oh wait wait, let me go…. oh no… let me live here, for my sins are so great that I won’t find peace anywhere else.

The heart becomes soft, tears are in my eyes, I am emotionally drained; I have nothing but my soul. Yes, a photograph can be a spiritual experience.

#peshawar #railwaystation #soultouching

July 4, 2015

The poverty, ignorance and misery of these children has given me the opportunity to create art, which can emotionally break you down, make you cry and force you to think ……



Somewhere deep inside myself, I live the life of a hypocrite. If I were really concerned about the education and well being of these children, my photography equipment could easily generate enough funds to support their studies for the rest of their lives but wait, is this what I am doing? No, no I am more concerned with making artistic photos, photos that hold a “wow” factor, to be called a genius and a master of street photography. People have begun to believe that I can create magic, but deep inside my hypocrite self, I am deluded about how much I am contributing to a change in society. In fact, I am exploiting the situation to my advantage. The poverty, ignorance and misery of these children has given me the opportunity to create art, which can emotionally break you down, make you cry and force you to think. My job is to pitch ideas and paint stories, but if I know I can do more, does my inaction make me less concerned? This is not who I am? And I know that to revolutionize society, I must live out my ideas.

#education #peshawar #hope

July 4, 2015

Their only job has been to produce human-like robotic iterations, clueless, brainwashed, with no minds of their own, to keep the system going ……..


Said Business School:University of Oxford

It all begins with having a dream: a dream to fit in the system, without it, you cannot be enslaved and brainwashed. One may have a luxurious lifestyle depending on how well he/she is mechanically fit to run the system. In reality, I feel sorry for those friends of mine who want to bring CHANGE with their enlightened minds but have become slaves to debt. In a system in which they were born as debt-slaves and will die as debt-slaves, they have been given no choice but to serve the same system. Their being enslaved in a perpetual cycle of debt voids them of any critical thought and keeps them clueless to any modern day challenge. I used to wonder why there wasn’t more alternative thinking in the most elite channels of education. However, with time I realized that, these channels are part of the same SYSTEM and their survival is dependent on that very system, which funds them, to sustain themselves. Their only job has been to produce human-like robotic iterations, clueless, brainwashed, with no minds of their own, to keep the system going.

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July 4, 2015

A collection of my images some of which are being displayed in my on going exhibition –

July 4, 2015

unseen wars on the human mind and the silent weapons are mental and emotional manipulations based on manufacturing situations to which the mind and emotions respond. ……




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The ‘Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars’, it talks about the unseen wars on the human mind and the silent weapons are mental and emotional manipulations based on manufacturing situations to which the mind and emotions respond. The document describes the diversion strategy, which includes:

Media: Keep the adult public attention diverted away from the real social issues, and captivated by matters of no real importance;

Schools: Keep the young public ignorant of real mathematics, real economics, real law, and real history;

Entertainment: Keep the public entertainment below a sixth-grade level.

Work: Keep the public busy, busy, busy, with no time to think. ~ David Icke (A Perception Deception)

It is an exciting time in history to be witnessing with our own eyes how the Orwellian state of 1984 has unfolded over the years. We need to understand the realities around ourselves and disconnect from the Matrix to make sense of ourselves and surroundings. The idea is to come out of the isolation and connect the dots to see the whole picture. Otherwise, there is enough juice in the system to keep you enslaved and entertain for the rest of your life

July 3, 2015

The real world exists around us but the problem is our focus. Our attention is being diverted towards the magic ball. This ball has been packed with images to control our perception ……



The real world exists around us but the problem is our focus. Our attention is being diverted towards the magic ball. This ball has been packed with images to control our perception of reality. Human beings are biological computers and they can be programmed easily, a secret known by the few who control the SYSTEM. This is how the system works. We live in a fake, disillusioned world, the wool pulled over our eyes through the power of the media, education and politics. This is a prison that has been built for our minds, engineered so that we never escape the clutches of the system and remain enslaved in the five-sense reality. We have become puppets and our lifestyle has been crafted to make sure that we keep on dancing to the tune of the system for the rest of our lives. It is time to get unplugged from the Matrix and to upload the truth, to counter the mainstream narratives in our minds. Only the truth will set us free.

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July 3, 2015

USURY, also known as RIBA, is the new religion that has taken over our lives, a SYSTEM based on deceit and lies; it is a matrix that no one can escape. In the very core of the system lies usury, which has shaped the politics of …..



USURY, also known as RIBA, is the new religion that has taken over our lives, a SYSTEM based on deceit and lies; it is a matrix that no one can escape. In the very core of the system lies usury, which has shaped the politics of disparity, inequality, and poverty. It is a curse that has destroyed the very foundation of human society, and we are already witnessing its devastating consequences. Long before the banking industry and the creation of paper money, usury was the tool that enslaved the human population for thousands of years. In these modern times, it has disguised itself in a sophisticated deception involving the creation of credit, a legitimate form of extortion that is protected by the banks and the legal system. In the meantime, all the other pillars of the system, such as democracy, religion, education and media, work together to depict this parasitical capitalist system as a natural course of human progress and development. Yet human civilization has never seen such disparity and economic injustice, where so few control the resources of so many.

To understand the system, you must understand usury to be its basic instrument of exploitation. Without focusing on usury, it is impossible to make sense of what has gone wrong with the world. The reason our scholars have failed to understand the world around us is because they have never recognized the reality of usury. When we go back in history, we see that JESUS (peace be upon him) aggressively drove out the moneychangers (bankers) from the Church. In Islam, Allah and His Messenger (peace be upon him) declared war against usury and considered it the biggest sin after polytheism. The Bible clearly forbids it as well. There must be a reason for this, and this what give us food for thought. If we claim to be a true believer than it is time to understand the meaning of usury.

We have been led to an economic colonization by unjust imperialist forces, and our ignorance has strengthened the same system that has created the chaos. For example, it would be reasonable to assume that paper money is wrong, because with it the banks have created another form of usury, since the banks are responsible for their own paper money—they create it out of thin air. It’s the very system that is driven by greed and monopolization, usury manifests in today’s world as an evil that has caged humankind and enslaved it to the system. This is modern slavery, to be born in debt and die in debt, making it impossible to own anything, even after a lifetime of toil and hard labour. This is a question of Freedom: humankind deserves the freedom to choose the SYSTEM, rather than to be subjugated to the system by force. Humankind has lost its compassion and mercy and has chosen greed and money. By using false justice, a farce of equality and the deception of the info-wars, this system defies every moral value and every moral virtue, reducing mankind into mechanical clerks who simply bring in profits. This system defies the divine laws of justice, having been bred in its absence, and it is the embodiment of self-destruction. It is only a matter of time, the big collapse of a big lie.




July 3, 2015

You have to understand; most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the SYSTEM, that they will fight to protect It.”

~ Morpheus (Matrix)



“The Matrix is everywhere. It is all around us. Even now, in this very room. You can see it when you look out your window or when you turn on your television. You can feel it when you go to work… when you go to church… when you pay your taxes. It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth.

What truth?

That you are a slave, Neo. Like everyone else you were born into bondage. Born into a prison that you cannot taste or see or touch. A prison for your mind.

~ Morpheus (The Matrix)