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August 23, 2015

The story of a lost soul – who lived a blatant lie only to discover that he has always been a slave to the SYSTEM ..



His head is down; his body has given up, and his soul is lost. Thinking deeply, emotionally drained, in a moment of an agony and loneliness, he asked himself, “Was it worth it?” He gave his whole life to the SYSTEM to be productive and to make his job count. In the end, for all his labour, blood, sweat and tears, his life was a hoax. He owns nothing; he began in falsified debt and lived a life of a debt slave, and now his body has given up being productive, he is now hardly of any use to the system. He has always been running to survive and in the little time that he had to think over the course of all these years that he was being played; he remained confused and clueless. In reality, he is a slave who has passed his optimal productivity, so he must be replaced now. He is left with a mobility aid and an old house with none of his family around. It is a countdown to his expiry, and he is not even worth a penny anymore. Little did he understand.

At one time, he was young, energetic and ready to achieve the American dream, but over a period in pursuit of his dream, he was lost in the shadow of its illusion. He never understood that his freedom was compromised, and he is chasing a false dream. He thought he has to work, work and consumed, a lifestyle of falsified debt that everyone else is living. He became part of the herd, which has no minds of its own, and he just followed sign after sign – till he found himself in a narrow tunnel with no way out. He was used until it was too late for him to understand his reality. The system played him well; he remained in a web of lies until his energy and blood were sucked to the very last drop. Life has been unfairly cruel to him, despite the fact that he always believed in change through the political process.

He now understands that the evil which forced him to end homeless on the street is ‘USURY’. It is the tool that the banks used to steal the ownership of real wealth from the people and other countries. They charge interest on the principal amount that is purportedly loan to the people without risking anything of value. The interest is never created – so it is mathematically impossible to pay down. It makes sense now why he has to lose his house. It is he who creates money through his hard work, labour, sweat, toil and production. All his life – that what he was doing for the banks only. Now he can see the gigantic fraud played upon humanity – a system that is meant to rip off mankind of every penny. He is nothing but a slave who is at the mercy of these zombie blood sucking parasites. He is ashamed that he lived an honest life enslaved to a SYSTEM, which is bogus and fraudulent. All he had done his whole life is what his job manual tells him to do. He lived by the banksters’ code. It was a lie; it was a trap. It has never been about the interest of the people but the INTEREST to the banks.

July 26, 2015

This is a very painful truth that mostly students from Universities are brainwashed and devoid of any critical thought. They just end up being a puppets of the SYSTEM …

06june2015_Oxford_london (295 of 887)
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 According to the latest research, a typical University student pays up to 50,000£ in debt. Some may even not able to pay it back in their lifetime, others remain in this debt into their fifties. These students dancing at their graduation ceremony have no idea that they have been given an illusion of freedom on the path to slavery. For the rest of their lives, worries about their debt will always linger with them. They will indulge in a lifestyle that will push them to acquire more debt, a debt that they will carry to their graves. They have no idea that they have given up their freedom and to survive they must compete, even if they had to cut the last tree in the forest. They already lost the creative mind to the indoctrination system, which could have help them to understand the deception around them. The reason they will be forever enslaved under the burden of perpetual falsified debt is USURY but their driving inspiration is to find ways of serving the system to serve it better in the hopes of climbing a few ladders to an easy life. They are devoid of any capacity to question critically the way the system works; they will live their lives with no or little understanding of how this usurious system is sucking every drop of their blood. In the shadow of a lost dream, they will live a blatant illusion of life.


Those students who receive scholarships are indoctrinated enough to go back to their countries and defend the system that has cursed all of mankind. To them, their culture, moral code and religion have become forbidden fruit. They will look at the problems through the lens that the system has fitted to their brains, and they will end up only whining. They have no idea that they are being programmed to follow the instructions that are engraved on their minds. They are expected to come with an original thought and give a solution to the present day problems. But the system has to invest in them, whether through education, media or any other source to divert their attention from the system and focus them on the symptoms and not the cause. So no one can question how everything holds together, nor how everyone on the planet is being enslaved by the usurious system. They could never make their head around on the fact that the system they envision a saviour to humanity is the very reason the human race is collapsing. Lost in the Labyrinth, these learned minds represent the colossal failure of the modern day education system.


The point of this photograph is to show how the SYSTEM is being used here. This is a three-dimensional photograph perfectly demonstrating how the system has become part of our lives. The photographer represents the system, which has drawn potential students into a LABYRINTH (the camera), where they will remain enslaved. They exist in a fake virtual reality, an invisible prison purposely built for them. They will be processed and developed by the system to its advantage. They only see what the system lets them believe. They have become the property of the system. When they are ready, they will join the labor force to become part of a brainwashed society, making them no more than “sheeple,” built to serve the system, and the cycle continues. The system’s survival is dependent on how well it is being served. And these mechanically altered minds, with their impressive qualifications, may not be able to make sense, throughout their lives, that they lived by the bankster’s code. They have no option but to live in their fake constructed reality otherwise truth will destroy them.
July 12, 2015

This is how Banks work in deception. The time has come we understand how the whole fraud catch together to make the people fool and enslaved them in the Labyrinth ..


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 If these people actually realized the truth about how the banks work, instead of singing joyfully, they would have been protesting and starting a revolution against them, the most sinful places on Earth. Banks have given an umbrella to the usurious SYSTEM, which has crushed our souls, trapped our minds and enslaved the planet. The banks purport to make loans by making the  borrow believe they are getting someone else deposit in exchange for the risk the bank charge interest. Banks have never loaned anything to anyone, banks merely publish a man or woman’s promissory note, or promise to pay, it is this monetised promissory note that creates the credit in the purported borrower’s account. In other words, the purported borrow is the creator of money and is obliged to pay it back at an agreed point in the future. However, banks obfuscate the transaction and launder the promissory note into their possession, that is, they keep the Principal repayments and charge unwarranted interest. Contrary to what we’re taught in schools, the banks give up nothing of commensurable consideration when making a purported loan, the interest they charge is wholly unwarranted. This is the greatest heist in the history of mankind

In fact, they do not contribute or risk anything of value to the economy when they pretend to loan money. They prey on the hard work and labour of the people who by immense indoctrination think that it is the banks who create money. We have a functional economy b  ecause of the banks otherwise the economy could not have existed. The fact is, it is the people who give value to the money through their hard work, production, blood, sweat and tears. The banks then steal what the money represents, the value of our hard earned labour and promissory obligations through falsified debt and usury. The reason we must work 9 to 5 is to live the lie that the banks have created the money. The bank is the vulture disguising in gentlemen clothes.We are nothing but the banker’s slaves, who have loaned their minds to the devil. As long as we live by the bank’s code, we will continue to live in the Labyrinth being brainwashed and enslaved by the system.

The truth is we don’t own debt to the banks, in fact, they had nothing to give us in the first place. It is a deception and a lie that we own debt to the banks. Through falsified debt (theft of principle), usury and perpetual compounding of interest on falsified debt, they not only control people but the world economies by the central banking cartel. They control the money supply, and this is how they twist economies and financial markets to their advantage. With the power to charge unwarranted interest and theft of principle, they can buy any politician or economy to further their agenda even if the governments had to wage wars for it. Unless the world realises that they are not indebted to the banks and it is merely an illusion and a lie that we own the banks; these invisible Satanic forces will continue to prey on us and suck the last remaining drop of our blood. Freedom can only win when we disarm this usurious system and replace it with the way of Muamalat. Imagine the world where peace, harmony and just economic order prevails. Imagine the world without banks!

July 12, 2015

It is a story of how the system has made the third world countries enslaved in a perpetual falsified debt and usury …


29july2014_idps (819 of 1906)



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To understand the SYSTEM is the responsibility of our religious and intellectual scholarship. However, they have always been busy arguing on peanuts, whereas the modern liberal mindset is too impressed from the western schools to have given a reasonable thought, how the system works. There has never been a counter strategy to address modern-day challenges. The education syllabus lacks any focus on the shortcomings of the system, thus ensuring the system keeps us enslaved. Those who lead us are nothing but puppets, who do not speak the language of people but their masters. Why has poverty become our destiny? Have the people stopped working in Pakistan? What has made the people live such a low standard of life? Those within the system will blame the shortcomings in the people while those who look at the system through the veil of indoctrination KNOW – that it is the very system that is the problem. It is the usurious structure and tyrannical nature of the system that trap the third world countries in a perpetual falsified debt, getting purported “loans” through governments. In the process, the purported borrower gives many times more than the principal amount initially “ loaned” over a period of time. This is the greatest wealth transfer ever happened in the history of mankind, and still we wonder, why the world has gone mad!

But wait did I tell you, that the “loaned” money in the name of the poor people of Pakistan never existed in the first place. This has always been the moneychangers and the governments who prey on the hard work of people. It is the people who create the real economic activity and thus the original creator of the money in an economy. The tyranny is, the power to issue money has been taken away from the people, and they had to go through the governments and megabanks to use their bogus pieces of paper as legal tender. Do you realize that the cost to the Banks is just a few pieces of papers and ink! Then they not only claim the principle amount but interest as well. Only principle is ever issued into circulation so HOW do we pay interest? Which is never created in the first place. Mathematically Perfected Economy shows us that an interest-bearing monetary system inherently and IRREVERSIBLY multiplies debt in proportion to a circulation. Thus ever more of the circulation is inherently dedicated to servicing debt versus sustaining the commerce which is obliged to service the debt; and so an interest-bearing monetary system ultimately collapses at a maximum practical lifespan, under a TERMINAL sum of debt. The fact is they prey on the hard work and labour of the people by obfuscating money giving the illusion that they (World Bank, IMF or Gov) are funding the economic activity. The plan is not only to control the people but to steal the resources of the people through the system that was meant to rip off mankind. I hope, people start to think and question the grave nature of injustice around us. Once you realized that it was ALL falsified debt and that WE THE PEOPLE create EVERY penny in existence when we issue the promissory obligation than you can understand the real nature of this deception. The people that want to bring change through the political process without understanding that the political class is driven by the same forces of usury and their slogan of change is nothing but a lie.

When the poor people of the rich countries like Pakistan (we own the real resources) unable to keep with the falsified debt payments, then the government (part of the same system) borrow more money, why? Because to pay off the compounding interest which was never issued above principle in the first place – so it is mathematically impossible to pay down the national debt. Now the government has to sell and privatised the national resources, so they can keep up with debt payments – which is still not possible and the cycle of tyranny continues till we gave every inch of our ownership to these few greedy banks. The poor people are then subjected to more austerity by imposing taxes and raising prices of general consumable goods and services. We blame the government for the taxes and austerity measures, but it is the usurious nature of the system that brings the tyranny on the people. The colossal fraud and tyranny of this system do not end here. They have the unfair advantage of claiming ownership of every “legal tender” on the planet and hence CLAIMING ownership of every “debt” on the planet also when they have LAWFUL right to NONE OF IT for they give no commensurable consideration when they supposedly “lend” money into existence. It is the tyrannical nature of this unjust system that has made them the masters, and we remain slaves, not because they are more intelligent or more hardworking but because they own the system. If we are lazy for ourselves, at least we must think for our children what kind of world we supposedly want to give them. We must suffer and in our miseries we shall realize that to escape the Labyrinth, we must understand the obfuscation of the currency. ONLY then we will understand the SYSTEM.

July 4, 2015

For me street photography has been a revelation; it has inspired me to connect with people on the streets and given me an opportunity to understand myself better.


23Nov2014_pesh_qisakhuwani (66 of 165)

“It is a branch of realistic fine-art photography that records unposed scenes in public places. The primary subject is people, at rest or in motion, alone or with others, going about the everyday activities of life. The emphasis is not on the subject’s personal identity, as in portraiture. And unlike photojournalism, there is no news here, rather, the commonplace.”

Alex Webb, a master of the form, defines street photography as follows:

“I don’t define street photography as simply photographs taken in the street. I see street photography more as a stance that a photographer has towards the world. For me, street photography comes out of an essential sense of curiosity on the part of the photographer. It involves above all exploration and discovery. A street photographer goes out into the world as much as possible with a blank mind, with as few preconceptions as possible. It is above all a journey of discovery.”

For me street photography has been a revelation; it has inspired me to connect with people on the streets and given me an opportunity to understand myself better. I have the blessing and luxury of connecting with people’s souls and touching their emotional selves. I can feel my subjects and every photograph that I take has become an experience for me. I am less aware of my camera settings; getting lost in the technical details is an obstacle to my creative process. My photographs are about how I live to document the street. Camera features are secondary tools that would only concern me if I were to become consciously aware of the camera settings.

I try to keep my pictures as organic and natural as possible without interrupting the subject. I don’t subscribe to the idea of invading people’s space and flashing a camera on their faces. Observing my subject from a moral distance and and keeping to it has given me a style that amalgamates different layers of meaning into a single photograph in order to tell a bigger story. I think photography is a simple process. All you need to do is click the shutter and give yourself the gift of time. This allows you to explore all other faculties of photography with time. Most people involve themselves early on in so many unnecessary details in photography that a newbie often gives up, thinking it is too difficult to learn. In the end it is the purpose, the underlying thought process that will drive your photography and influence the viewer. Your passion and commitment will take you through different layers in photography, and then one day, you will realize that a creative process is something beyond what the five senses can see and understand.

If you are serious about photography, you need to be serious about learning. There are a lot of online resources available and you can make use of them in your time. You just need to keep on clicking and learn along the way by investing your time and money into becoming a good storyteller. And if you get an opportunity to learn from the Masters, it’s time to walk the walk and follow their path. Photography is an identity that will add more to your image, and when you start to experience that change in valuing yourself, you will get more attention and credibility from being a photographer. When you understand the power of a photograph than you will fall in love with your own photography


The first causality of the SYSTEM is the common man on the streets and street photography has given me this immense opportunity to see what is coming ahead before the system starts to break down.

~ zackeology

July 4, 2015

The question is, can a photograph elevate you to such a higher level of consciousness? This depends on how deep you look at a photograph.


13Mar2015_pesh_railway (109 of 154)


For centuries, people have tried to attain a higher level of consciousness and to break away from the five-sense prison. Some people have realized that if they perform Zikr or fasting in a certain way, they can make a break from the world that they consciously experience. This has been a common practice in different Sufi orders. In the Sufi practice of Qawali music, getting into rhythm stimulates the right brain activity to such a level that it escapes the five-sense reality. It’s a “wajd” experience, and the idea is to connect with the spiritual world. The question is, can a photograph elevate you to such a higher level of consciousness? This depends on how deep you look at a photograph.

When I took this photo, I didn’t know that it would shatter me many times over before I could begin to understand it. The more I look at it, the more emotional I get. In my solitude, I start to cry. I feel like a lost soul. I have nowhere to go, I am devastated by what has happened to the city that I loved. The abandoned tree in the picture had lost spring in the autumn; the innocent boys killed in school have disappeared, as leaves do, for heaven. Why is the man running toward the train, why is the train leaving so early. The empty skies feel as though GOD Himself is annoyed. What should I do, where do I go, I don’t know? I am left alone in an abandoned city, oh wait wait, let me go…. oh no… let me live here, for my sins are so great that I won’t find peace anywhere else.

The heart becomes soft, tears are in my eyes, I am emotionally drained; I have nothing but my soul. Yes, a photograph can be a spiritual experience.

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July 4, 2015

The poverty, ignorance and misery of these children has given me the opportunity to create art, which can emotionally break you down, make you cry and force you to think ……



Somewhere deep inside myself, I live the life of a hypocrite. If I were really concerned about the education and well being of these children, my photography equipment could easily generate enough funds to support their studies for the rest of their lives but wait, is this what I am doing? No, no I am more concerned with making artistic photos, photos that hold a “wow” factor, to be called a genius and a master of street photography. People have begun to believe that I can create magic, but deep inside my hypocrite self, I am deluded about how much I am contributing to a change in society. In fact, I am exploiting the situation to my advantage. The poverty, ignorance and misery of these children has given me the opportunity to create art, which can emotionally break you down, make you cry and force you to think. My job is to pitch ideas and paint stories, but if I know I can do more, does my inaction make me less concerned? This is not who I am? And I know that to revolutionize society, I must live out my ideas.

#education #peshawar #hope

July 4, 2015

Their only job has been to produce human-like robotic iterations, clueless, brainwashed, with no minds of their own, to keep the system going ……..


Said Business School:University of Oxford

It all begins with having a dream: a dream to fit in the system, without it, you cannot be enslaved and brainwashed. One may have a luxurious lifestyle depending on how well he/she is mechanically fit to run the system. In reality, I feel sorry for those friends of mine who want to bring CHANGE with their enlightened minds but have become slaves to debt. In a system in which they were born as debt-slaves and will die as debt-slaves, they have been given no choice but to serve the same system. Their being enslaved in a perpetual cycle of debt voids them of any critical thought and keeps them clueless to any modern day challenge. I used to wonder why there wasn’t more alternative thinking in the most elite channels of education. However, with time I realized that, these channels are part of the same SYSTEM and their survival is dependent on that very system, which funds them, to sustain themselves. Their only job has been to produce human-like robotic iterations, clueless, brainwashed, with no minds of their own, to keep the system going.

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July 4, 2015

A collection of my images some of which are being displayed in my on going exhibition -

July 4, 2015

They chanted ‘change change change,’ but they were driven by the emotions of change only not by rational thinking and common sense. ……..


24aug2014_pti (259 of 1094)

They chanted ‘change change change,’ but they were driven by the emotions of change only not by rational thinking and common sense. A voice of change within the SYSTEM is only a noise. For things to change the system has to change and for that to change a complete alternative pathway must be in place to signal the change. A loose bolt might offer some resistance or create complexities, but in the end it winds up being forced to fit into the same system. Mere slogans of change, such as “Naya Pakistan,” are doomed to fail eventually, because executing them requires compliance with the same system that has already failed Humanity. I wish and I could only wish that our leaders realize that the change that they are trying to bring within the system will eventually fail them.

#Dharna #Islamabad #change #politics

July 4, 2015

unseen wars on the human mind and the silent weapons are mental and emotional manipulations based on manufacturing situations to which the mind and emotions respond. ……




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The ‘Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars’, it talks about the unseen wars on the human mind and the silent weapons are mental and emotional manipulations based on manufacturing situations to which the mind and emotions respond. The document describes the diversion strategy, which includes:

Media: Keep the adult public attention diverted away from the real social issues, and captivated by matters of no real importance;

Schools: Keep the young public ignorant of real mathematics, real economics, real law, and real history;

Entertainment: Keep the public entertainment below a sixth-grade level.

Work: Keep the public busy, busy, busy, with no time to think. ~ David Icke (A Perception Deception)

It is an exciting time in history to be witnessing with our own eyes how the Orwellian state of 1984 has unfolded over the years. We need to understand the realities around ourselves and disconnect from the Matrix to make sense of ourselves and surroundings. The idea is to come out of the isolation and connect the dots to see the whole picture. Otherwise, there is enough juice in the system to keep you enslaved and entertain for the rest of your life

July 3, 2015

The real world exists around us but the problem is our focus. Our attention is being diverted towards the magic ball. This ball has been packed with images to control our perception ……



The real world exists around us but the problem is our focus. Our attention is being diverted towards the magic ball. This ball has been packed with images to control our perception of reality. Human beings are biological computers and they can be programmed easily, a secret known by the few who control the SYSTEM. This is how the system works. We live in a fake, disillusioned world, the wool pulled over our eyes through the power of the media, education and politics. This is a prison that has been built for our minds, engineered so that we never escape the clutches of the system and remain enslaved in the five-sense reality. We have become puppets and our lifestyle has been crafted to make sure that we keep on dancing to the tune of the system for the rest of our lives. It is time to get unplugged from the Matrix and to upload the truth, to counter the mainstream narratives in our minds. Only the truth will set us free.

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July 3, 2015

USURY, also known as RIBA, is the new religion that has taken over our lives, a SYSTEM based on deceit and lies; it is a matrix that no one can escape. In the very core of the system lies usury, which has shaped the politics of …..



USURY, also known as RIBA, is the new religion that has taken over our lives, a SYSTEM based on deceit and lies; it is a matrix that no one can escape. In the very core of the system lies usury, which has shaped the politics of disparity, inequality, and poverty. It is a curse that has destroyed the very foundation of human society, and we are already witnessing its devastating consequences. Long before the banking industry and the creation of paper money, usury was the tool that enslaved the human population for thousands of years. In these modern times, it has disguised itself in a sophisticated deception involving the creation of credit, a legitimate form of extortion that is protected by the banks and the legal system. In the meantime, all the other pillars of the system, such as democracy, religion, education and media, work together to depict this parasitical capitalist system as a natural course of human progress and development. Yet human civilization has never seen such disparity and economic injustice, where so few control the resources of so many.

To understand the system, you must understand usury to be its basic instrument of exploitation. Without focusing on usury, it is impossible to make sense of what has gone wrong with the world. The reason our scholars have failed to understand the world around us is because they have never recognized the reality of usury. When we go back in history, we see that JESUS (peace be upon him) aggressively drove out the moneychangers (bankers) from the Church. In Islam, Allah and His Messenger (peace be upon him) declared war against usury and considered it the biggest sin after polytheism. The Bible clearly forbids it as well. There must be a reason for this, and this what give us food for thought. If we claim to be a true believer than it is time to understand the meaning of usury.

We have been led to an economic colonization by unjust imperialist forces, and our ignorance has strengthened the same system that has created the chaos. For example, it would be reasonable to assume that paper money is wrong, because with it the banks have created another form of usury, since the banks are responsible for their own paper money—they create it out of thin air. It’s the very system that is driven by greed and monopolization, usury manifests in today’s world as an evil that has caged humankind and enslaved it to the system. This is modern slavery, to be born in debt and die in debt, making it impossible to own anything, even after a lifetime of toil and hard labour. This is a question of Freedom: humankind deserves the freedom to choose the SYSTEM, rather than to be subjugated to the system by force. Humankind has lost its compassion and mercy and has chosen greed and money. By using false justice, a farce of equality and the deception of the info-wars, this system defies every moral value and every moral virtue, reducing mankind into mechanical clerks who simply bring in profits. This system defies the divine laws of justice, having been bred in its absence, and it is the embodiment of self-destruction. It is only a matter of time, the big collapse of a big lie.




July 3, 2015

You have to understand; most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the SYSTEM, that they will fight to protect It.”

~ Morpheus (Matrix)



“The Matrix is everywhere. It is all around us. Even now, in this very room. You can see it when you look out your window or when you turn on your television. You can feel it when you go to work… when you go to church… when you pay your taxes. It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth.

What truth?

That you are a slave, Neo. Like everyone else you were born into bondage. Born into a prison that you cannot taste or see or touch. A prison for your mind.

~ Morpheus (The Matrix)

July 3, 2015

A SYSTEM, which has crushed our souls and enslaved our minds, there is a manual to follow. But, few among us will always dare to challenge the SYSTEM and step beyond the manual. The time has come for humanity to find a way out of LABYRINTH.


untitled (1 of 271)-001


I still remember the game Labyrinth: I used to play it in my childhood. There was a stainless steel ball that you needed to roll to the centre of the ring to win. Small openings were provided to allow movement from the outer rings to the inner rings, but moving into the centre was all about skill. As meaningless as it sounds, I would spend the whole day playing it over and over. My world was contained entirely within the Labyrinth; I would get so absorbed in it that I scarcely noticed my surroundings. It was fun to play a game with no obvious purpose, no end goal, other than to move the ball to the centre as quickly as possible. It took me a long time to figure out that it was not I who was running towards the centre; rather, it was the very centre of Labyrinth that was pulling me. My mind was not my own; it was the Labyrinth that had taken over.

I see the Labyrinth now as a metaphor for how I see the entire world itself: the centre of the Labyrinth represents Usury, while the innermost, inner, middle, outer, and outermost circles represent, paper money, banking, corporations, politics and religion. All these forces keep the SYSTEM obfuscated so that no one can make sense of the whole process. The stainless steel ball represents the unfortunate human who is forced to move back and forth in the hope of a better future. But in the end all his energy is being sucked up by Usury, which is at the very heart of the Labyrinth, and the system continues to keep us in the invisible prison that is being purposely built for us. The greatest tragedy that modern man can endure is to give his thinking up to the system and become a slave that only follows instructions.

This idea is so profound and powerful that it is inevitable that it will eventually find its way into mainstream ideology. It is my fervent hope that people realize that a huge tsunami is coming their way, and that they will incur terrible losses if they continue to live in the Labyrinth. In this book, I will discuss, in random order, ideas about how the system is rigged, including how it has enslaved the human soul and trapped the mind. I have chosen to tell the story through photographs, in order to make it more powerful, intense and thought-provoking. This situation calls for dire actions, and to understand the deception completely, and to make sense of the nature of its inherent fallacies, we need to connect the dots. We must pursue the right knowledge; what we have been taught in Universities only strengthens the same system, which is a dead end. A thinking mind, working alongside a heart, that is in search of the right knowledge is the greatest enemy of the system. Unless we understand the alternative, making sense of the SYSTEM is an impossible task for the modern mind.

“To know and not to do is really not to know.” ~ Stephen R. Covey Read the rest of this entry …

February 26, 2015

“All I want is to introduce people with few ideas; ideas that could shape a better world. I tell the story in a simple way through my photographs. The story is about the SYSTEM and it may be for you”. ~ Zakir Khan



March 21, 2014

Little has been said about the state of education SYSTEM and how it has been used to control and manipulate societies. Inspired from the work of David Icke and many others on the internet. It’s time to wake up ..

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education n SYSTEM

I failed one of the assignments in my degree course because I did not provide any references in my work. Although all the materials were original and I was expecting applause from my tutor for being able to put my own ideas on the paper, instead I got a zero marking. My friends were struggling to Google the material and I was trying to explain them, not to look for an escape window rather express their experience in their own words. They had to do what they were expected to do. The problem is, the SYSTEM tells us what to say instead of guiding us into making discoveries of our own and test those discoveries to explore our hidden potential. We are trained to submit and learn not to question and play within the boundaries. I failed it because I did not play the game by rule.

One of the greatest tools the SYSTEM has used to condition our minds is the education system. It is completely built to create left-brain prisoners who are sponges of the official version of lies. It manipulates not only the minds but gives us a version of textbooks that have little to do with our creative being. It defines us to follow the instructions, memories senseless data, submit our consciousness and spew them on a piece of paper to pass the exam otherwise, if I dare to challenge it with my right brain creative thinking, I fail the exam. I am socially unacceptable and sounds as unsuccessful. This is the nature of our indoctrination a complete disregard for individuality, autonomy and most of all creativity. We end up having questions for the SYSTEM, but none to question the SYSTEM itself.

Why do you want to remain a debt slave with no revolutionized idea to give a new thought to the society? Why do you want the SYSTEM to tell you what to think about everything else? The time a student leaves the university, his/her neck is full of debt with no creative discourse and they are most likely to serve the SYSTEM without ever asking a question in their entire life. It will only change if we refuse to be part of the SYSTEM. You have the unique ability to create your own life without going through this brainwashing SYSTEM. I failed my assignment, but I lived with my original thoughts. I refused to submit and stood my ground. The world needs few crazy people with a sane mind, who can think beyond the manual. Give a reason to yourself, open to the infinite possibilities around and break out of the box in which you have been imprisoned. Either we live to make a difference and leave our mark on the ground or live a life as a slave without putting a fight.

March 5, 2014

What is fate? why things happen the way they are. What is our destiny and how we can get there. The mystery continues ..



While fate was taking a nap, I was busy debating whether destiny is by choice or chance. Little I knew, the freedom I had to choose was only to last when fate is too lazy to look around. I always wondered, how much freedom I have in the things I do. The seesaw between chance and choice provides the thrill to life. Whether destiny is by choice or chance, one has to go through the tunnel either by decision or taking a chance on life as it happens. The problem is our perception of reality is limited and cannot predict what is ahead. With limited choice to make, one has to make sure he has ticked mark all the boxes that could potentially get in the way. The confusion comes when somebody gets what he wants without a formula while many suffer even with a formula.

To avoid the misfortune, one has to be dead. To understand fate, one has to step beyond the five senses and look at things from a different reality. Fate is best understood when a person submit to what he has got and, try his best within his reach to make life better. The choice of free will is what makes us human. There is more to our brain than the lizard brain. Landing in a bookshop could be one fate but making a choice between a good and a bad book is not one fate. It is this free will that decides the course of a journey that will determine one destiny. It would be a mystery how he got there in the first place, maybe that is what he wanted. With our limited perception of reality, we do not have much choice than to take the responsibility of our decision-making. The other choice is to submit what is there for you. Many people lived a successful life without a formula. The secret is not to mix the plan having a formula and no formula at the same time. Either we submit or have our own formula to succeed. Destiny is a collection of choices and decisions that we make before getting there or sometime fate intervene and divert us towards a destiny that is far bigger than one own choice.

The choices we have made as a nation have brought the fate that we find ourselves today. This is not our destiny but the fate that was waiting by the choices we have made collectively of late. The destiny is divine. The destiny is predetermined for us. Though we have messed up our way towards it. Things will change, and they have to change as the divine wisdom is unfolding; only those we can see through their hearts can recall the divine plan. The SYSTEM is collapsing, and the heart-full eyes are looking at things greater than humanity are unfolding. The dirt has to purge from the blessed land and time has come for the change. The hope is not on what we are going through but is on the divine destiny that only few could see. When the time comes only those will be blessed who have made the right choices and their fate will float on the sea of blessed waves towards a destiny that has already been written.

February 12, 2014

How street photography or any other art can be used effectively to challenge the SYSTEM



Every one of us is unique, and that is the reason to celebrate the creativity that unfolds when put into action. Life happens on the street, where one can uniquely observe the psychology of people and their behaviour in an environment. The moments we experience have an emotional value for us. Photographers have the unique ability to live and freeze them. This is what makes us special and valued by the community. Street photography is an amazing skill that is natural, un-stage and true to the environment that has the potential to trigger a thought process in a person mind. A camera can be used as a symbol of resistance and can be a very powerful tool to challenge the SYSTEM.  Photographers look at things differently and have the unique ability to connect the missing dots to reveal the whole picture

Being a street photographer, I look at things in a different way. To tell a story, I place the subject with respect to its environment and how the SYSTEM affects it. Making a photograph of a homeless person in front of a Bank does not reveal the whole story unless understood in relation with the SYSTEM. He might be lazy and stupid in his life, but it is not the whole truth. What if I tell him that it is the very bank that has put him and humanity in this misery? How these banks have created ponzi schemes to lured the people into false dreams. It is not his fate but a well-orchestrated fraud by the Bank mafia. How they create money out of thin air and make bad loans that would have never been paid back in the first place. They knew the game, but that is how they could control people and take their properties/assets when they default on their payments. The funny thing is, they charge interest on the money that has never been existed before. That is how the money is channelled to the 1% who rule and control the world while the rest of us just has to struggle to survive. Many millions will be on the streets in the coming days, a fate that is knocking at the door. When I walk the street, I can smell, it is coming, In fact, it is already happening.

There is a great opportunity and a potential challenge for creative artists to connect the missing dots and reveal the whole picture to the people. This is how people would make sense of the SYSTEM and realizes that the institutions that they believed upon are part of the problem, not solution. Their ability in reality is being manipulated, and they cannot think beyond its manual. Their minds have been occupied by what the SYSTEM feeds them. The time has come to recapture the SYSTEM and exposes the propaganda that has been part throughout everyone lives. We have to deconstruct the SYSTEM and give a purpose to our creativity. Using photography as a tool to challenge the SYSTEM is the order of the day. The choice is obvious, and the solution is simple. It’s time to awaken the masses from the deep trance. People are questioning the events unfolding around them. In particular, economically everyone is struggling to survive, little they know it has all been by design. It is the job of creative artists to connect the missing dots and reveal the whole picture at a time when the question has already been asked.

January 29, 2014

The times are here and the prediction has been true. The man on the street is going to hit hard. A short blog about the upcomming collapse.



These are exciting times, and the shift is taking place. Nothing as gigantic as what we would see happening in coming years. It does not matter if one blows these facts as conspiracy, but the facts are mathematical truth. They are undeniable and compliment the history. We failed to grapes’ the idea may be because of the lifestyle that we have chosen to live which perceive that the SYSTEM is the only source of information. In fact, it is clueless.

The life as we know would be totally different in the coming years as what lived by the previous generation. There is a forecast of immense hardships for a common man, which would enforce into their lifestyle. It is not about the collapse of paper money or economy but a systematic collapse of every human value that shape us different from animals. This is going to be catastrophic, and the man on the street would be forced to another great depression. The power will shift to the ultimate few. A new era of awakening will begin.

The reality is we are living the times, and it is already here. Though with an open mind and critical thought we can analyze the alternative facts as a way out. Come to a conclusion or hide behind the lizard brain and worry about survival only. Being a street photographer, my job is to smell the streets and observe the changing landscape. Life has become tough for the man on the street. People are merely surviving, and only the few rich are enjoying the riches feed on poor. To understand the reality and become part of the solution we need to deconstruct the SYSTEM otherwise we would be always part of the mainstream lies, speculations and deceits.