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February 26, 2015

“All I want is to introduce people with few ideas; ideas that could shape a better world. I tell the story in a simple way through my photographs. The story is about the SYSTEM and it may be for you”. ~ Zakir Khan



March 21, 2014

Little has been said about the state of education SYSTEM and how it has been used to control and manipulate societies. Inspired from the work of David Icke and many others on the internet. It’s time to wake up ..

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I failed one of the assignments in my degree course because I did not provide any references in my work. Although all the materials were original and I was expecting applause from my tutor for being able to put my own ideas on the paper, instead I got a zero marking. My friends were struggling to Google the material and I was trying to explain them, not to look for an escape window rather express their experience in their own words. They had to do what they were expected to do. The problem is, the SYSTEM tells us what to say instead of guiding us into making discoveries of our own and test those discoveries to explore our hidden potential. We are trained to submit and learn not to question and play within the boundaries. I failed it because I did not play the game by rule.

One of the greatest tools the SYSTEM has used to condition our minds is the education system. It is completely built to create left-brain prisoners who are sponges of the official version of lies. It manipulates not only the minds but gives us a version of textbooks that have little to do with our creative being. It defines us to follow the instructions, memories senseless data, submit our consciousness and spew them on a piece of paper to pass the exam otherwise, if I dare to challenge it with my right brain creative thinking, I fail the exam. I am socially unacceptable and sounds as unsuccessful. This is the nature of our indoctrination a complete disregard for individuality, autonomy and most of all creativity. We end up having questions for the SYSTEM, but none to question the SYSTEM itself.

Why do you want to remain a debt slave with no revolutionized idea to give a new thought to the society? Why do you want the SYSTEM to tell you what to think about everything else? The time a student leaves the university, his/her neck is full of debt with no creative discourse and they are most likely to serve the SYSTEM without ever asking a question in their entire life. It will only change if we refuse to be part of the SYSTEM. You have the unique ability to create your own life without going through this brainwashing SYSTEM. I failed my assignment, but I lived with my original thoughts. I refused to submit and stood my ground. The world needs few crazy people with a sane mind, who can think beyond the manual. Give a reason to yourself, open to the infinite possibilities around and break out of the box in which you have been imprisoned. Either we live to make a difference and leave our mark on the ground or live a life as a slave without putting a fight.

March 5, 2014

What is fate? why things happen the way they are. What is our destiny and how we can get there. The mystery continues ..



While fate was taking a nap, I was busy debating whether destiny is by choice or chance. Little I knew, the freedom I had to choose was only to last when fate is too lazy to look around. I always wondered, how much freedom I have in the things I do. The seesaw between chance and choice provides the thrill to life. Whether destiny is by choice or chance, one has to go through the tunnel either by decision or taking a chance on life as it happens. The problem is our perception of reality is limited and cannot predict what is ahead. With limited choice to make, one has to make sure he has ticked mark all the boxes that could potentially get in the way. The confusion comes when somebody gets what he wants without a formula while many suffer even with a formula.

To avoid the misfortune, one has to be dead. To understand fate, one has to step beyond the five senses and look at things from a different reality. Fate is best understood when a person submit to what he has got and, try his best within his reach to make life better. The choice of free will is what makes us human. There is more to our brain than the lizard brain. Landing in a bookshop could be one fate but making a choice between a good and a bad book is not one fate. It is this free will that decides the course of a journey that will determine one destiny. It would be a mystery how he got there in the first place, maybe that is what he wanted. With our limited perception of reality, we do not have much choice than to take the responsibility of our decision-making. The other choice is to submit what is there for you. Many people lived a successful life without a formula. The secret is not to mix the plan having a formula and no formula at the same time. Either we submit or have our own formula to succeed. Destiny is a collection of choices and decisions that we make before getting there or sometime fate intervene and divert us towards a destiny that is far bigger than one own choice.

The choices we have made as a nation have brought the fate that we find ourselves today. This is not our destiny but the fate that was waiting by the choices we have made collectively of late. The destiny is divine. The destiny is predetermined for us. Though we have messed up our way towards it. Things will change, and they have to change as the divine wisdom is unfolding; only those we can see through their hearts can recall the divine plan. The SYSTEM is collapsing, and the heart-full eyes are looking at things greater than humanity are unfolding. The dirt has to purge from the blessed land and time has come for the change. The hope is not on what we are going through but is on the divine destiny that only few could see. When the time comes only those will be blessed who have made the right choices and their fate will float on the sea of blessed waves towards a destiny that has already been written.

February 12, 2014

How street photography or any other art can be used effectively to challenge the SYSTEM



Every one of us is unique, and that is the reason to celebrate the creativity that unfolds when put into action. Life happens on the street, where one can uniquely observe the psychology of people and their behaviour in an environment. The moments we experience have an emotional value for us. Photographers have the unique ability to live and freeze them. This is what makes us special and valued by the community. Street photography is an amazing skill that is natural, un-stage and true to the environment that has the potential to trigger a thought process in a person mind. A camera can be used as a symbol of resistance and can be a very powerful tool to challenge the SYSTEM.  Photographers look at things differently and have the unique ability to connect the missing dots to reveal the whole picture

Being a street photographer, I look at things in a different way. To tell a story, I place the subject with respect to its environment and how the SYSTEM affects it. Making a photograph of a homeless person in front of a Bank does not reveal the whole story unless understood in relation with the SYSTEM. He might be lazy and stupid in his life, but it is not the whole truth. What if I tell him that it is the very bank that has put him and humanity in this misery? How these banks have created ponzi schemes to lured the people into false dreams. It is not his fate but a well-orchestrated fraud by the Bank mafia. How they create money out of thin air and make bad loans that would have never been paid back in the first place. They knew the game, but that is how they could control people and take their properties/assets when they default on their payments. The funny thing is, they charge interest on the money that has never been existed before. That is how the money is channelled to the 1% who rule and control the world while the rest of us just has to struggle to survive. Many millions will be on the streets in the coming days, a fate that is knocking at the door. When I walk the street, I can smell, it is coming, In fact, it is already happening.

There is a great opportunity and a potential challenge for creative artists to connect the missing dots and reveal the whole picture to the people. This is how people would make sense of the SYSTEM and realizes that the institutions that they believed upon are part of the problem, not solution. Their ability in reality is being manipulated, and they cannot think beyond its manual. Their minds have been occupied by what the SYSTEM feeds them. The time has come to recapture the SYSTEM and exposes the propaganda that has been part throughout everyone lives. We have to deconstruct the SYSTEM and give a purpose to our creativity. Using photography as a tool to challenge the SYSTEM is the order of the day. The choice is obvious, and the solution is simple. It’s time to awaken the masses from the deep trance. People are questioning the events unfolding around them. In particular, economically everyone is struggling to survive, little they know it has all been by design. It is the job of creative artists to connect the missing dots and reveal the whole picture at a time when the question has already been asked.

January 29, 2014

The times are here and the prediction has been true. The man on the street is going to hit hard. A short blog about the upcomming collapse.



These are exciting times, and the shift is taking place. Nothing as gigantic as what we would see happening in coming years. It does not matter if one blows these facts as conspiracy, but the facts are mathematical truth. They are undeniable and compliment the history. We failed to grapes’ the idea may be because of the lifestyle that we have chosen to live which perceive that the SYSTEM is the only source of information. In fact, it is clueless.

The life as we know would be totally different in the coming years as what lived by the previous generation. There is a forecast of immense hardships for a common man, which would enforce into their lifestyle. It is not about the collapse of paper money or economy but a systematic collapse of every human value that shape us different from animals. This is going to be catastrophic, and the man on the street would be forced to another great depression. The power will shift to the ultimate few. A new era of awakening will begin.

The reality is we are living the times, and it is already here. Though with an open mind and critical thought we can analyze the alternative facts as a way out. Come to a conclusion or hide behind the lizard brain and worry about survival only. Being a street photographer, my job is to smell the streets and observe the changing landscape. Life has become tough for the man on the street. People are merely surviving, and only the few rich are enjoying the riches feed on poor. To understand the reality and become part of the solution we need to deconstruct the SYSTEM otherwise we would be always part of the mainstream lies, speculations and deceits.

August 14, 2013

It’s about Freedom and the Freedom would only comes when we challenge the SYSTEM. It is time to understand the real cause of our failure. There is a divine destiny which would come when the system collapses!! ……………………………………


Freedom is not by having a free land but only comes when we aggressively stand against the system which has enslaved us. There is a divine destiny awaiting us and a divine plan is in action. It is common sense that the current system, which is incompatible with the divine plan, had to collapse. We lost the window of opportunity several times, and now there is no time to experiment. And by changing the faces in the same system is merely a sign of shallow intellect. In the battle of evil and good, there have always been two systems in action; one is there to enslave and the other will set one free. The choice is obvious but to make sense of the choice one must understand the systems. There is Pakistan, and there is my Pakistan. This is the divine destiny written for us. We only have to choose our sides.

The chaos we see around is man-made, and it’s only because the system is collapsing. There is no one to blame but us and those who are survived by the system is doing every effort to keep the people in an illusion. Their fake promises and allegiance to progressive Pakistan have no fruits whatsoever. The SYSTEM is the primary building block of a society, and we are so brainwashed than none of our decision has positively matured to challenge the system. Because the very DNA of our country has a system which would continue to enslave us, this is where the issue is and unless we make the decision to challenge this, we would continue to suffer.

The destiny is known, but the question has always been how to get there? We heavily messed up with the choice of our direction and rightly getting what we deserve. This is how it was meant to be, and this chaos will continue until there is an obvious distinction between the evil and the good elements. The signs are happening and may be in two or three year’s time; we will see a different Pakistan. We must understand there is a divine destiny in the chaos we are facing and nothing should dither us from our beliefs. When the divine plan is unfolding, you can only choose which side you are and without understanding the system it would be difficult to make sense of your direction. The creation of Pakistan was not just a freedom of land but to implement a SYSTEM of our choice.

October 3, 2012

The showman and the system. It’s time to dig deep….


He was a showman and a street performer, who would come to town centre every so often. I would go and photograph him on every single opportunity  It has always amazed me, how easily he could put the people in a hypnotic trance. They would gather around him, mesmerised by his magic even though it would be a deception.  He was a man who knew his craft. Each time he would repeat the same tricks and still attract an enormous crowed around himself. He would get donations after his magic show and I would be left wondering why would someone pay for being deceived? May be if the people don’t understand the reality, then they swallow the magic pill to escape from questioning its existence. Being an obedient student is less stressful than having a free mind to question the rationale of the system.

This is exactly how the system works even though we know that everything around us is based on fraud, lies and deceptions but we still commit to it and accept as our way of life. This is how much we have been terribly brainwashed. We think, it’s the norm and the way to move forward. The sad thing is, we are not willing to know, what’s going on around us. We just dance to the pipe piper tunes without showing any capacity for rational thinking. We have been enslaved in our own box of limited realities and devoid of any enthusiasm to counter it with a more powerful idea.

Where we can go from here, depends on what we stand for. It’s our choice which path we may take but being a silent spectator is no option. The power of the system comes when we surrender ourselves to its magic. We are a living consciousness and our purpose must be bigger  than life itself. There is no bigger shame than giving up on those critical thoughts which have questioned the very existence of the system. The choice is clear, either we stand or surrender. For those with no mind of their own, the system will make decisions for them. Truth is difficult but it will set us free. The idea of change is indispensable now and to make sense of it, we must understand the system itself. It demands our time and attention. It’s time to dig deep in to the rabbit hole and make our arguments on sound foundation of knowledge and intellect.

September 16, 2012
I could see the pain in his voice and the agony on his face; he was desperate to tell me what was on his mind. After counting my stuff, he looked at me and said, why this mockery of Islam? And...

I could see the pain in his voice and the agony on his face; he was desperate to tell me what was on his mind. After counting my stuff, he looked at me and said, why this mockery of Islam? And why they are after Pakistan? And why they kill Pathans? He had so many questions in one go that I kept looking at him for a while, trying to think what to say? He packed my stuff, and I let go of his shop. He was serving the same system, which controls everything but at least he had a free conscious and the courage to speak the truth. It’s incredibly hard to make sense of the system around us, as not only we had to survive in it but have been brain washed to such an extent that we can’t even accept the rationale that proves how corrupt the system is.

The only reason that we have failed to make sense of our surrounding is that we don’t connect the dots and then look at the bigger picture of the events. We look at individual events and make an opinion about them, which always keep us distracted. The system has cleverly brain washed us to accept it as the only powerful entity. And that is the reason we are not so privilege to explain it. The only feed we get is from the system itself, which controls everything and wants us to believe as what it has to say. Islamic eschatology and Divine wisdom suggest that this triangle has a bigger role to play in the coming days and would become one of the reason for the collapse of the system and they know this.

They can drone us, kill us, bomb us or may use misguided people within us to make us hurt, but the reality stands firm that the eventual victory is ours, and they knows this. They will continue their agenda to destroy this triangle till the time comes when the divine powers overtake the proceedings. There is a great destiny to come, we have to sacrifice and may continue to pay the price. Against all odds, we have survived, and now we will keep on standing firm. It’s the season for sacrifice and then only we can reap the fruit. It’s hard to explain the logic or rationale as to why this is happening to us, but the simple answer is, we are the chosen ones.

September 15, 2012

A short Collection of my images – Painting stories

You can watch it in Full Screen to feel the emotions in them…..




August 28, 2012

An old man with a modern point&shoot camera was looking for an old car, which he might have wanted to have when he was a young man himself !! I don’t know if he got that picture ……..




The moment I saw the old man, I wanted to photograph him. I could see his enthusiasm and the intensity with which he was trying to photograph these forgotten old cars. What was on his mind, I don’t know, but he was living the moment as he was taken back in time; the only thing which, might have been playing on him was his age. He must have had memories for these cars that once were part of his youth. He must have dreamed of having one of them, and now he might be looking for the car which he wanted to buy, but only left wishing for it.

He was the star of the event, and I followed him wherever he went to take photos. He might want to tell the story to his grand children, once a luxury is now a forgotten commodity. He was the perfect story for me. The cars around him were once part of his memory, and that’s why he was so passionately photographing them. Everyone around him was interested in the cars, and their cameras were pointing to them only. I have a different approach to photography, and that’s to look for stories, and there was nothing more intriguing than this old man. His emotional touch with those cars were obvious. The vintage touch I had in these photographs have so many stories to tell in so many ways, only limited by one’s imaginations.

Nothing can beat these photographs; they may not make it to the cover of a car magazine but surely it will make space in the heart of many people and inspire them. I want to paint stories and that’s how I approach street photography. I want that human element in my photographs, and that’s what makes them stand out in the crowed imagery around us. The old man has given that emotional and motional touch to my photographs that will trigger many thoughts in one mind. To obtain my signature and that vintage look of the same era, I had to process them in black white to given that timeless dimension when these cars were driven on the roads.


August 14, 2012

Are you a slave to the SYSTEM ….


I have lived the illusion of having a belief that I am living the dream lifestyle that could be out there. I have been one of the highly paid people in the job market working for high profile organizations. My job has got the tag of being unique, that has made me an inspiration for people around. Yes I am, I can was the tag line of my struggle. I wanted to get in the system to taste the success that I have been trained for, in all these years. Little I know, what I am driven for has little to do with my own real inspiration but everything to do the way I am being expected to function for the system.

I am the elite of the system is the forefront supporter of its existence. The intelligent specie that I am, being the most logical threat to its own well being. Only few are being able to diagnose the fault, and I am one of the rare occurrence. I can look beyond the five senses and awake. I have the capacity to turn the tables around within the system, and it is scared of my very existence. I can see beyond, hit close and hard what no other can dare to think about at all.

But my success has a price tag, and my silence has a reason to it. I would know but wouldn’t want to know. And when I look at the system, I see no hope for humanity, no future ahead, with no miracle and rationale in sight, but the people consumed by their needs, has got no idea what the system is doing with them. They have been brainwashed, and their conscious has never grown out of their limited box of imaginations. They have been trained to accept what the system wants them to believe. They have nothing of thier own except being a clone of it. That’s the reason their lifestyle has nothing but an inspiration from the very same system, which has made them a slave to itself. What a tragedy for the human race; and we continue to be a sleep. And I stand in its way, standing for the truth.

August 4, 2012

The tale of two abandoned old friends………….


They bumped over each other at the corner of the market and realized that they used to be best friends many years ago. For a moment, they wondered where they had been all these years, but now they have a lot to talk about. They had to sit somewhere for a bit and reclaim all those memories from their past, which are now a treasure for them.

Why they have not met all these years? Strangely living in the same town but yet could never see each other after their children abandoned them. They have missed so many beautiful moments of their lives and never had a chance to shared them. They were never part of any of those fabulous moments, how their children grown up, how they got married and the time they most enjoyed with their grand children. They have a lot to talk about, but somehow they are now alone in their own lives.

They have a family house but not the family any more. There is no one to take care of them but the old houses. They could cry but to the four walls which surround them. They now realized it is the SYSTEM, which has been running their lives. They felt so comfortable with each other, but they could not stay for longer as they knew they had to go their own ways once again, as this is how things are. They talked for a while, but with some greetings they left again and for how long? No one knew. They had to go back before the old houses shut their doors upon them.




July 27, 2012

You don’t have to do it for someone else, it’s all about you, it’s for you and it’s within you. The journey continues …..


Nothing can be more painful than remaining silent while one has all the opportunities to hit back. It’s hard to suppress something from within which triggers all your emotions. A time when one has to bleeds and goes through all the inner breakups that could make one vulnerable to all the nasty reactions from people around. You are confused, and you have been ridiculed, with the breakup within and no self-esteem left, you have gotten no answer for the troubles you are going through. You look around with your confused mind, and there is nothing but to suffer more. You scream for the peace within, and unless it has been cleansed, nothing can come through. You have a question but no response and the mystery continues.

A journey towards one inner self is not easy, and the goal is too risky to sustain the pressure. It’s extremely easy to break up and lose all your years of hard work. A journey alone is not a journey fulfilled. You must travel in the shadow of your Murshid (teacher). If one has the urge from within, he will find him, and the Murshid (teacher) will come looking for him, but it all starts from within. Once you are under his shadow, you close your eyes and follow the footsteps. Every moment is a blessing, and every step you take under his shadow would open a new universe.

The secret is to starts from within. You have to travel in the domain of your heart back and forth. You are the speaker and the listener too; you are the traveller and the guide. The whole drama unfolds within, and every step has a new meaning to it. It’s mesmerizing and confusing at the same time; you look like moving away, but you are getting closer and that’s where things get more complicated. You look for peace by being at war with yourself; how crazy is this? Every day you wake up to a new dawn, a new idea and still you are figuring out what’s going on. Than you realize that Murshid (teacher) was just an excuse, it was all you nothing but you and the road ahead is infinite, you just keep going, and the journey continues!!

July 19, 2012

Few words from those who look beyond the 5 senses…………….They are around us and share their wisdom from the heaven……..


They speak less and have few words to say; Most of the times they don’t make sense to the five sense people, which are not the main recipients of their wisdom. Where are we heading? No one knows, but it’s all going to a plan. The problem is, we just don’t get it. We truly deserve whatever is happening to us, it’s the outcome of our arrogance and ignorance that we have had for the system, which is at war with our faith. Everyone has concerns about the way things have gone in the last few years and every time we have looked towards the sky for a miracle. Would there be one? I don’t know. One thing is for sure; there is something good about to happen by listening to the wisdom of the Saints. I don’t know about the exact time, but I suspect there are some tough times coming our way before the divine wisdom roll out.

The problem is the system, and for things to change, the system has to collapse. The current hierarchy of our leadership would not allow the system to fall, as it’s their only insurance policy to survive. Anyone who comes in between is surely to face stiff resistance. It’s a hard choice to stand against the system, even a fool has now understood that this system has miserably failed, but the irony is that no one talking about the alternative. Do we need any more proof than by looking how the system has allowed the most corrupt men as our leaders? The corrupt mafia has played with the people for years and made them fool every time, it’s now up to the people to show their wisdom. We are expecting external enemy but at least we must sort the mess within ourselves first; otherwise it would be difficult to deal with both at the same time.

Whatever happens now, would only be for the good and anger of the people will overtake anything come its way. The only thing I am worried is how this change is going to unfold. It may be soft or a bath of blood. Whether PTI comes to power and hit the system from within or the system collapse as a whole, the time has come for it. Pakistan is not an ordinary piece of land, and if you understand its spiritual dimensions then you can see the divine wisdom at work. We have to make ourselves worthy of the miracles promised to us, but if we don’t correct our path then there is no guarantee to reach the other end without troubles. . The Saints have their own ways to tell, and because we don’t understand their dimension and the frequency in which they operate; we have often ignored them, but the time has come for the divine wisdom to unveil. You don’t have to buy this idea if it doesn’t fascinate you but we know it’s time has arrived.

July 15, 2012

There is a growing number of resentments among people that our fashion industry has crossing all the limits and becoming a source of obscenity and they want them to behave within limits. But why they dont listen? simply because their inspiration comes from another system ………..


I was the misfit photographer, and I knew it was not something, which comes natural to me. My eye was trained to respect women, and here I was to look for the finest of angles. It was the public domain, but fundamentally there was something wrong with the way things were going. I was at war within myself but was quick to justify my action. I have to look professional and concentrate on my job. I could see a totally different mindset alien to the society in general. There was no anger among the audience for what was shown to them on the name of fashion & art, which has nothing to do with our culture and values; instead they were carried away by the glamour and fake colors. And all I could do was to suppress my opinion and keep on clicking the camera.

People could complain about the way things were being presented and mourn about the lack of modesty and respect for faith. Unfortunately, we are drumming the wrong instrument, this is exactly what has to happen, and there was nothing weird about it. It’s not the people, it’s the system. It all depends upon one’s inspiration, which projects the reality. If the inspiration comes from the west, then there is little one can do. One have to do the root cause analysis of this mindset, they can only mimic the way of their master and that’s all they could do. They have a vague idea about modesty and Haya. These words are becoming alien to them as their inspiration comes from west. May be we can leave them and focus on the bigger picture.

In reality, we are guilty in our own conscious by accepting the devil’s (dajjal) system itself, which is at war with our faith. We all live in it and have no idea of the slavery that we have been subjected to. We think that our faith drives us but in reality it’s the system, which drives us. Mimicking few religious rituals may help one individually but it’s not a threat to the system. This is a serious topic and unless one has a vision, it becomes extremely hard to stand up to it. We have become so accustomed to the ways things around us that our belief system cannot see an alternative, even though the modern system has collapsed. The change does not come with just people, its about the system and idea which come along with them. Unless we stand against the system, which have enslaved the humanity, we would be wasting our time trying to beat the wrong drum, which is a by-product of the system.

July 1, 2012

A short essay on the difficult times at home and the systematic trap for the clueless people in the west. The way they have been controlled and thrown away with sweet poison once the system is finished with them ……..


How people survive in Pakistan, one of my English friends anxiously asked? I smiled and said, the same way you do here. There is no denying of the problems we have but even living here is not without problems. I wouldn’t walk alone here after sunset, would I? Because I don’t want to be stabbed just for fun. Would you spend your holidays in Merseyside, north of the country? You wouldn’t go there because by reputation, it’s a nasty place to go, but still people live there. When I come from there, my colleagues at work ask me, how I made it alive from there, but it’s my weekly trip to see friends. I tell it’s such a beautiful place to go, but they don’t agree with me. They have horrible stories to tell, what had happened to them, once they visited there. People in the south would always joke about them and I find this very racist.

It’s the sold out media back home, which creates this kind of perception, and obviously that’s what they are paid for. There are sensitive areas where one wouldn’t want to go, and that’s for obvious reasons. We are paying the price now, by few decisions made by the clueless leadership, who acted as puppets for their masters, where they are being paid for. In a state of war, you would expect bombs and destruction, that’s what the case there. Though it has been exaggerated out of proportion. It’s a difficult time, but I think it has been a successful rehearsal for the times ahead. There is a price you have to pay, where & what you stand for, and that’s what we are doing as a Nation. It is interesting that; with all the efforts by the sold out media, traitors, fake liberals, politicians, bias religious entities and so called intellectuals, we have still managed to see through one of the most critical phase of our survival. This itself suggests something truly extraordinary about us which, unfortunately not been highlighted by the media.

I feel sorry for my friend, as he has no idea what he is up to. He is young and powerful, that is what the system requires. But once he looses his value then he would be pushed into a systematic death. A death by design and yet he is unaware of it. It’s the system, which decides their usefulness and uselessness. The moment they become useless to it; they are thrown away to old houses with sweet poison. Only those few survive with all the luxury that are the most beneficial to it; otherwise it has already taken their lives and family away. You are living an illusion, and your death is systematic even before it arrives. I shared my sorrow with him, even he knows he has been brainwashed, but for the time being, it’s the only escape for him.

March 8, 2012

A story of our lives when the one we expect crosses the path in front of our eyes. Later we learn in our lives that our fate has made some decisions for us that we were never aware of…….what we do?

March 4, 2012

A story of young man, who decides to leave for his country and say good bye to a country he dreamed to live many years back. A soulful journey with love for his country and people……..


After eight years Manni Gul decided to move back to Pakistan. It was a decision he had made after a lot of soul searching. I had to take it, he told me. It’s time to do something for our sweet country and people. I believe its the right time to take this decision. Our country is at a very critical position and if we remain silent then these shameless politicians would run away with the poor’s blood. You are only worth for what you stand for. It’s not about changing faces anymore but the system itself, which has made us to fail for the last 64 years. He has an authority to his voice and ideas.

It was a news in the town, everyone was shocked for many reasons and rightly so. Within two years he was supposed to get his residency and why would one leave a country for which many people dreamed their whole lives. He had a very good job and lifestyle but why this sudden change, many people wondered? Have you ever felt for a single moment that it’s your home? When your heart and mind exist in Pakistan and with your loved ones, you could not continue to be here at the same time. If you take out the greed for money and passport what else is left here to live for. The only thing that has made us to stay in this disconnected society is being connected with our own culture, faith, values and people.

We stand at two extremes and cannot compliment one another in terms of values and culture. This is one reason that our people exist in segregated communities across here and could not relate to the mainstream culture. In the last eight years the only thing I am proud of is to have understood the system. When I came here, I was impressed by the many disciplines I saw here but when I became part of the system itself, I realised that I am nothing but a slave to the system. We have been brainwashed. We spend our whole lives running around to survive and in this craziness forgets about many valuables for which we cry later on. Everything is artificial and soul has become a forgotten link in our lives. The system will not allow you to think about it. We are suffering from a mass hypnosis and the only freedom is to be an obedient servant to the system. The time we realize the reality by then we have already lost our values, children and may be our identity. I could see so many people with sorrow in their eyes and a story to tell but for them its too late. Maybe I sound like a fool but believe me, ten years down the line; I would ask you, was it worth to live for a cause, an idea or few pennies and a piece of paper. He continued his argument!!

His friends were there to scare him of the problems we are facing back home but the recent riots, unemployment, hyper inflation and security issues have made their case weak to have changed his mind. If one has to die, the angel of death doesn’t needs a visa to get someone here. He knew, all of us are greedy for the money and the red passport. In fact the real life exists back home and we were all from privilege families, so there was no point of living such a sub standard life here. His argument was strong that we need to change the system back home and unless & until Quran&Sunnah become the nucleus of our system, we are going nowhere. We have totally different psychology to the west; their system and way of life would never take us anywhere. All the advantage goes to the corrupt class in our society who control much of the resources and that is why they would never want to change the system. We have seen this for many years now and if we still do not wake up and realize what is needed to be done then our coming generations will never forgive us.

We could not stand to him and silently backed out. The journey starts from the first step and with his mature vision and belief; surely he is going to be one leader, we are desperately looking for. Some of us were inspired and we could see that there is a great destiny and opportunities awaiting us. The change is coming, the change has come, the change is you, the change is me. It’s time to connect and step beyond the manual. His message was simple but not easily digestible. It was time for him to take a stand on many fronts and raise his voice. It hardly made any sense to us and he was never interested to justify himself to us. For us it was hard to leave the comfort zone and may be some of us were hypocrite, surely my friend was not one of us.

February 19, 2012

This blog is reference to a particular attitude in our society, not intended towards any group or individual. It’s more of a mindset which put their argument without much logic and rationale. The have little room for other people point of view….


I had to give it a second thought before I was to pick a camera. A friend of mine hurried me to reconsider my decision of buying a camera. It was not for any financial reason, but doing photography would dent my faith was his concern. He was not alone, there were many of the same opinion, but I was curious and wanted some clear answers. If one has sincere intentions and the urge to search for the truth, the teacher will come looking for him. I set on a journey.

I had this friendly argument with him, which action is better for shooting a bird, either by camera or a gun. As he was a hunter, he would insist that he is perfectly fine from a religious point of view, and I am the one who is in trouble. I pressed him that my photos are the source of knowledge and make people learn about these magnificent birds which travel thousands of miles and pass through our beautiful country, whereas you only end up, killing them. Videography was his expression of recording his hunting heroics but not realizing that it’s a sequence of still images. His argument was that video is  not a still image. It was hard to put a rational argument across, but at least his camera was halal and mine wasn’t for a strange reason.

In the coming months, I had gone through many resources, listened to highly respectable religious scholars and was so content to learn that at least I am not misguided. Today if we take out picture from our daily lives, everything becomes meaningless. It has become part of our life and culture. I still respect my friend’s opinion, may be its source of spiritual elevation for him. It’s not to question his intentions but putting a purely intellectual argument on the table. There was still more to come, and my journey continued..

I observed that this behaviour has more to do with a certain mindset than an individual. This mindset has not grown to the challenges of the present time and thus lacked the creativity and vision in their approach. When one connect the dots, it seems that they were on the wrong side of history when Pakistan was created, and again they had miserably failed in front of our eyes, when they remained silent on the evil acts of bombing on the innocent people in the country. Their silence has given the voice of acceptance to the misguided and anti-state elements.

This is just one example of the many things that have caused social friction in the society. For me, It has become an extension of my spiritual self. It’s a charity by making people smile and make them learn from what I do, whereas for my friend I am looked upon as one misguided person. A common man is confused. There is so much hypocrisy around, that people just don’t care anymore. They just do what they like without giving any thought to the moral aspect. Has the focus been on the content, not the tool things could have been much better. It’s all common sense and everyone knows the moral boundaries which the religion has laid out. Whenever a new technology arrived, instead of looking at it with wisdom, the first thing has been to oppose it, without any logic and rationale.

Even looking at a bigger picture and taking everyone into account, we see that mullah’ has become a disconnected entity in our society. There is no denying of the positive role he has played over the years. The problem is, a common man could hardly connect with him. The hundred of sermons he would deliver on Friday prayers one hardly see any real change on the street. Either we have become blind and deaf, or his message has not reached or communicated properly to the common man. I believe they can do better than that, and I wish so much for it. At the same time we need to realize our own responsibility, that Quran has not come to be put on the shelf and gather dust. It needs serious attention and must be a reference point in our daily lives.

On another note, I think all the different school of thoughts should come together and focus on the greater good of the country. They must stop fighting on peanuts, while the enemy has entered in our barracks. It’s time to look inward and embrace each other with love. The requirements have changed now, and they must be clever enough to realize the realities on the ground. They were together when Pakistan was being created, and now it’s time to do it again. I think it would be a good idea to leave GOD to decide about our faiths, rather than we keep on pulling each other’s throat.

The state must take its responsibility, and all the decision making has to come through its umbrella. This is only possible when the state make them sit together, and communication to the public comes through a common channel. This is the only way to reduce the friction among them and make the people accept a single point solution to their problems. For this, system has to change and the change is Islam. Unfortunately, it doesn’t fit in the politicians’ agenda, as they will be the first one to face the music. Though they can delay it, but for how long? It’s a destiny awaiting us.

January 31, 2012

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